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I hope as agents, we will be able to bounce idea off of each other and share sale strategies and marketing ideas. I hope buyers & sellers will find useful information throughout my blog posts, and get some of there questions or concerns alleviated by reading the articles. However, if you have any questions that are unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact me!



Here is part 4 of 4 in this series. Flood Insurance: If you are in a flood zone, the buyer is responsible for obtaining flood insurance and it is to be in place on the date of closing. Shopping around for a quote and/or best rate is also your responsibility. Obtaining flood insurance can also be ...
One of my listings got showed twice this past Saturday, I showed it myself & another Coldwell Banker agent showed it as well. So, as always, I called the agent for feedback later on that day after she showed the property. She had informed me that her buyer like the house a lot, and that it was in...
Here is part 3 of this 4 part series. Mortgage Commitment: If the buyer needs a mortgage to purchase the property, then it is his or her responsibility to meet with the lender/ bank and begin the application process if they haven't already done so. Some lenders may try to convince you not to shop...
Here is part 2 of this four part series: Signing a Contract: Your Realtor will write up the contract and the buyers will sign it first. As long as you agree with the terms completed by the Realtor (i.e. purchase price, deposit amounts, mortgage amount, closing date, items included/excluded from s...
Isn't this picture just magnificent. I believe this tree here in the lower left hand corner is referred to as a cherry blossom. I just love the architecture of the building. I love that Oriental look. And it is just so beautiful how it over looks the town below. The snow covered mountain justs "...
Isn't this picture just magnificent?
I have decided to write a four part series educating buyers on a step by step process to home buying. I am going to write part 1 of 4 today, and more will be to follow this week. I am going to try to post one part per day if time allows. Please check back periodically to check for updates. HOME B...
I wanted to give customers one of the most simplified views of the mortgage process, so here it goes. 1. Finding the home of your dreams. Do some shopping to different lenders to find the best terms and rates for yourself. Ask your Realtor for some suggestions if you do not know of any lenders of...
This is a must see. It is absolutely amazing how far technology has come. Not only how far it has come but how rapidly it is "becoming". They have just developed a real "robot" per say. You have to check it and see what it is capable of. The link is below. http://asimo.honda.com/Disneyland.aspx
The big game starts in about 1 hour. Now being a Dallas fan myself (booo I know) I think you can guess who I will be routing for today. I don't know if I could handle Philly fans if the Eagles won the superbowl this year, first the phillies and the world series then if the eagles and the superbow...

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