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Let It Pour: A blog by Chris Brunner covering topics of business, marketing, search engine optimization, real estate, politics and more -- a place for us to discuss, a place for us to learn, a place for us to teach, a place for us to enjoy.
This guy is dead wrong about SEO.  Do not ignore Google, or any other search engine.  Internet marketing is about balance and moderation in each marketing niche.  Facebook is just one piece of the puzzle.  It's important to dabble in everything to cover the broad spectrum of the Internet.  One so...
Today I sit before you in awe that the year 2010 begins in less than two weeks.  That the first decade of the twenty-first century is nearly text in a history book.  I turned a young 29 yesterday and it seems the older I get, the faster time accelerates. We look forward to the future everyday, ye...
This post aims to help anyone who uploads images to their ActiveRain blog with an effect of reducing load time through the act of reducing image size BEFORE uploading images. When I first started blogging on AR 2 weeks ago I was surprised to see that the AR gods allow people to upload fullsize im...
I have started a new group named SEO Bootcamp. Please join the group if you would like to learn more about cutting edge SEO tactics as well as share your own thoughts and ideas on the subject of search engine optimization and search engine marketing. ACTIVERAIN SOLDIERS, JOIN SEO BOOTCAMP FOR HEL...
As a hard working real estate agent, you may find it easy to get wrapped up in the hype of a new marketing method that promises quick payoff with possibly little cash (or even a lot of cash!)  With so many choices, so many ways of marketing listings and yourself, you may feel compelled to dump wh...
My company, GreatFX Business Cards, offers 16pt card stock eco-friendly soy ink business cards with free glossy or matte coating. You can design your business cards online with a WYSIWYG interface. Your business card: That little piece of real estate is, or should be, as much part of your busines...
  PLEASE don't tell me nothing; or that it's blank! Business cards are one of the least expensive and cost effective marketing and advertising tools available.  Exchanging business cards is an excellent way to pass along your contact information and to gather contacts for your database. Agents on...
A few weeks ago I came across a new way to invest and borrow money that I find absolutely fascinating. No, it's not Madoff's newest ponzi scheme or some guaranteed results program. It's called peer to peer lending, and after much litigation it was only very recently made legal under SEC laws, how...
Successful people have a lot in common. It’s usually not their background (poverty or riches), where they came from (New York City or Kansas City) and what they’ve been through (lavishly spoiled or battered and bruised). It’s usually not how they were raised or who they rely on. It all comes down...
What can we learn from selling vodka?  If you've seen one bottle you've seen them all, however, if you've looked at a magazine within the last 25 years, you've probably seen at least one Absolut Vodka advertisement. It’s been named one of the 10 best campaigns of the 20th century by America’s Adv...

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