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Let It Pour: A blog by Chris Brunner covering topics of business, marketing, search engine optimization, real estate, politics and more -- a place for us to discuss, a place for us to learn, a place for us to teach, a place for us to enjoy.
It’s not news that big-box businesses are popping up everywhere and harming the local small business economy wherever they land. In fact, a study in Maine by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) showed that only 14 cents on the dollar of funds that went into a national business stayed in ...
Fed Presidents Say Zero Interest Needed - Can we foresee the future?  With rates staying near zero, I see that the opportunity for investors at low interest rates will continue to drive the market.  I believe the Fed must keep rates low to counter the influx of foreclosures and short sells now an...
Reblogged this for my own personal reference. This quote blows me away: “They keep saying they’re (FHA) going to outrun their problems, but some way, somehow, the taxpayer is going to end up on the hook,”  -Edward Pinto, former executive, Fannie Mae. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgctSIL8Lhs Bar...
Week Ended Nov. 6th Applications Fall The Mortgage Bankers Association’s index of applications to buy a house dropped 12 percent in the week ended Nov. 6 to 220.9, the lowest level since Dec. 2000. The group’s refinancing gauge rose 11 percent as interest rates decreased, pushing the overall inde...
In the office today I looked over the area where all the vendor materials and business cards are stacked, stashed, displayed or otherwise made available for agents and clients to peruse. One caught my eye because it was different.  Not different in that it stood out but different because I had no...
Words aren’t the only thing that make a good impression with clients, investors and partners. How you sound, the power of your voice, also says a lot about you. So how do you refrain from cracking your voice in nervousness or melodically putting people to sleep? Here are some tips from Douglas An...
Regardless of the type of service you sell, a potential client will have a certain degree of risk worry when buying. They don’t really know what will be getting until they see the final outcome (or have really good references!) Remember that service clients are buying a promise that you will do ...
We’ve all had them - those annoying telemarketing calls in the middle of dinner and spending some much needed time with our families. Even with no-call-list registration, a call sneaks through the cracks occasionally. We get frustrated and often, the individual on the other end may get an ear ful...

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