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The engine of our recovery is real estate, although all economic development is important right now. Jobs from construction!
Indiana Power Rankings #TCOT Howey Power 50 ridiculed I'll be the first to admit I was a bit ticked when I tried to read the ranking and found that I needed a subscription, just seemed "old world" paradigm to me.  I've tried to interact with Howey a couple times, but he seems to favor a few of yo...
Recap First NW Indiana Blogger Meetup First let me say thanks to those that attended, I think we had 15 total and next time we'll easily see 20 plus if the weather if a bit better. To those that attended, please feel free to comment liberally on ideas and thoughts on where we can collaborate.Our ...
NWI Indiana Blogger Meetup This Thursday at 6 pm. at Golden Technologies 2402 Beech St. ValpoNo sales pitches, just a chance to meet everyonePlease come ... and also help us promote it. (use #nwindiana hashtag if using twitter)   I know that there are a bunch of real estate bloggers in NW Indiana...
Call me a contrarian, but here's my gut for the New Year Housing recovery has already started, and will become big story in 2009. Home building will remain sluggish while inventories slowly drop. Stock market rally in first quarter to 12,000 Dow ... with big stories dominated by mergers and acqui...
Myth - A nation of renters Some of you know I'm working on a book project, A Conservative on the 2009 Housing Recovery, and today specifically the second chapter which details commonly held myths about housing. Here's a bit of Myth Number One - would appreciate any feedback positive or negative. ...
I wrote this for my local political blog, at the request of a reader, I realize many of you here on Active Rain are already active on social media ... but just in case there's still someone not using twitter. 10 day plan - Social Media for Conservatives I was asked yesterday if I had an outline o...
Need Input - 2009 Housing Recovery #TCOT As is currently posted on Top Conservatives on Twitter I am researching for a book based on a Conservatives' views on a Housing Recovery next year. Since I'm a blogger and social media activist, it would only seem right that I ask my readers for input and ...
Carnival of Real Estate here on Monday For the second time I am proud to host and edit the Carnival of Real Estate here on this site. Submissions need to be sent in by Sunday so I can read and choose the top real estate posts for the week.From the Carnival Site: The carnival will make its next ap...
My first 10 twitter friends My main twitter profile Daltonsbriefs, is now followed by approximately 2100 people, I'm hoping to hit 3,000 sometime in January. Last night though, I went back to look at who were my first 10 twitter friends. I'm listing them here. Most of them, as you'll note, were f...
No beating around the bush here, I'm on a bit of a campaign to surpass 2,000 followers on Twitter and would appreciate any adds today.  My Twitter Profile - Daltonsbriefs For those that follow issues political, of course I do, you may find the list Top Conservatives on Twitter to be quite interes...

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