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The engine of our recovery is real estate, although all economic development is important right now. Jobs from construction!
I've been here on Active Rain, and writing on my own site, for a couple years now.  I watched when the market will still racing and all the talk was "when will the bubble burst."  And then I watched and learned as the markets went into turmoil and real estate professionals lost their minds. But, ...
From Zogby:UTICA, New York – Republican John McCain continues to gain on Democrat Barack Obama, reducing Obama’s lead to 5.3 points with just over a week to go before Election Day, the latest Reuters/C–SPAN/Zogby national daily tracking poll shows.The race now stands at 49.4% to 44.1% in favor of...
Where did the real journalists go? Orson Scott Card   Here's the genesis of this artice:  Rush Limbaugh read it today on air, I posted a tweet about it and then got quite a few requests for a link to the article from friendfeed followers.  So I went searching, and (update) found the article on t...
Senator Obama underpaying female staff Obama hypocritical on pay for women The two charts will say it all (from Carpe Diem)Senator Obama pays his own female staff quite a bit less than his male staff. No spin, just the facts.Oh, by the way, and I'll let you go to the original post, John McCain pa...
Pay some taxes first - before you get a tax refund from Obama Should pay some taxes to get some back - right? I'm a little confused, like many Americans I was starting to believe Barack Obama's claims that he would lower the taxes on 95% of Americans, he said it enough times. But now the truth co...
A friendfeed-twitter debate on taxation theory For those of you who aren't on friendfeed or twitter, you're missing some great debates, links, and conversation on issues. Here's one just this morning, with over 30 responses in an hour or so: Soulhuntre posted a message on Twitter “In 2006, the to...
Disgusted with vapid voting trends Are voters so easily manipulated? Are the voters of the United States of America going to allow themselves to be manipulated by netroots trolls, Obama-mania, the major media and "prevailing opinion?"First the facts: The race for President is actually too close t...
McCain gaining on Obama - too close to call Presidential Race tightens to 4 points Let's not choose some weird poll, let's go with Gallup today! The headline suggests that the race has tightened to 7 points, not the 4 points in my headline, but dig in and read the whole post to get the gist of th...
Global Markets Need our real estate recovery Well, obviously I haven't been here to Zolve for almost a year.  I stop into Active Rain every couple days still, but frankly the last year has been tough for us all.  Here's the thrust of today's thought though:   The entire global economy needs the ...
Northwest Indiana Attorney General Debate The readers of this site will remember the convention competition early this summer, wherein Valparaiso Mayor Jon Costas lost to Deputy Attorney General Greg Zoeller. It was hard fought, but clean and professional. After he lost, Mayor Costas not only end...

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