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The engine of our recovery is real estate, although all economic development is important right now. Jobs from construction!
The bottom in housing - Fueling demand Looks like July was indeed the bottom, and demand is increasing in all regions for homes. This will take a good six months to begin the process of reducing inventories so prices can begin to recover. If you are thinking of buying, do so now at the bottom, yo...
For lunch, and perhaps a few more minutes, I am reading today a paper entitled "The Panic of 2007" by Gary Gorton from the Yale School of Management and delivered in August to a Federal Reserve Bank meeting in Jackson Hole.  Yes, it's 91 pages and chocked full of detailed sketches of the sub-prim...
Engage on facebook for great conversations     If you aren't even a member of facebook, this post may seem foreign.  So join today so you can get in on the conversations.  OK, now to those of you who've joined, there are some great conversations going on online that you're missing.  I'm going to...
Indiana Congressional Votes on Bailout     House Bailout Vote Part II - Hoosier Congressmen Vote 5-4 Against From Hoosier Access: The President and Congressional Democrats finally got what they wanted in handing out a $700 billion dollar bailout (including some pork) after today's House vote gua...
I've just started posting at Red County on poltical issues about our county, Porter County Indiana.   If you're an active commenter on political issues that affect both the entire country and your local community, you may well enjoy the look and feel of this platform.  Free of course, and very ea...
Stock Market Expectations - Credit Intrigue Does anyone find it odd that each morning that an inevitable bailout bill vote is pending, the stock market futures point down?  And each morning that the bailout bill seems doomed, the stock market futures point up?    Am I crazy or is the stock marke...
Decision 2008 Want to see where Barack stands?  May be hard to tell from debates and such, so here's a survey of questions to answer and then guage yourself against him.   Barack Obama Test I disagreed with Obama on 92% of his positions, and actually would have been closer to 100% if I wasn't so...
Although the WaMu deal was conducted quickly, there are some big questions to ask on Monday. The biggest is will WaMu bondholders be made whole?  If not, then we run the risk of bank issues bonds everywhere being immediately priced to zero, not good at all.  We don't need a run on banks, or bank ...
{{{{DRUDGE POLL}}}} WHO WON THE FIRST PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE?... MCCAIN 68% 244,343 OBAMA 30% 107,541 NEITHER 2% 8,901 Total Votes: 360,785 Agree?
Sorry for copying from elsewhere, but I'm in a huge hurry tonite to get ready for debate.  My twitter profile Current & Twitter have teamed up for the very first time to integrate real-time Twitter messages (aka "tweets") over major portions of a live television broadcast. Hack the Debate by add...


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