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The engine of our recovery is real estate, although all economic development is important right now. Jobs from construction!
Republicans propose alternative free market solution With Congress knotted over the $700 Billion plan to bailout problem bonds, based on sub-prime mortgage problems ... President Bush called John McCain and Senator Obama to the White House for a meeting with leaders on Thursday. Interestingly eno...
Mortgage Market for Conservatives As a former home builder, and current partner in a mortgage company and consultant to a few real estate related companies, I have an avid interest in what has been happening over the last 18 months in housing and especially mortgages. I have been saying over at N...
Need a mortgage in Northwest Indiana I made my first announcement a few days ago on Active Rain, and am now moving this blog toward a mortgage business and consumer information basis. If you live in Northwest Indiana and need assistance with a mortgage, I'd love to meet or talk by phone - or emai...
I used to have a funny running joke with a friend that when we got a haircut, we changed up our attitudes too. Well today is just one of those kind of turning (or tipping) point days.   For the last year I spent the bulk of my time shutting down our home building company.  The emotional toll was ...
Ranking experience in former Presidents and current candidates An interesting project by a guy who calls himself POW in CA, and obviously has tremendous military experience himself. He creates a spreadsheet showing values for experience. Republicans tout McCain’s military credentials. Does this m...
Tuesday Hearing on DPA Bill   In a last ditch effort to save the important Down Payment Assistance program within FHA, there is a hearing Tuesday in Washington. What really surprised me in this article is that NAR still hasn't signalled it's support. If you're a REALTOR call your local and your s...
I know that many of the posts today in the major media and blogosphere will focus on the negative, that must sell more ads for everyone.  Not me, I think this was the right final step to be taken by the federal government to provide calm to banks and securities markets ... and propel a major hous...
I'm sure those that watched the Republican National Convention were shocked that protesters were able to get into the convention and cause trouble.  Now, more troubling is that one of our own, a real estate professional for Ft Wayne Indiana had her identity stolen by one of these wackos to get in...
Didn't want anyone to miss this great comparison post by Simon.  Why the difference, it sure seems like a double standard Karen Anne Stone and I rarely agree, but we are always respectful of each others views. So it is because of her blog about Chelsea Clinton that I am writing this. We all know ...
  Conducting poll "Who will you vote for" in November     Ok guys I know many of you feel politics and real estate don't mix and I agree. We will however experience differently via both candidates. So I've decided to conduct an independent poll. I don't need diatribes on why the candidate you lik...

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