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You know how you take some things with a grain of salt, or maybe a dump truck load? Your friends and mine @Fannie Mae quietly introduced a new "Flex Modification" program recently, apparently intended to replace the HARP train wreck that is scheduled to sunset in October. I wonder if anybody has ...
This is Good News!! It will be FREE to travel from Chicago to Mexico City and only cost 1029384756 dollars to come back!! MAKE IT A GREAT DAY :)
Or are Krugerrands better? At what point is too much just too much?  Make it a Great Day.
Shopping for houses can be an extremely entertaining adventure but if you are new to this phenomenon, start by learning the lingo.First of all, most Realtors generally have an extraordinary sense of humor.  As a life long student of finance/real estate I often feel it is my basic moral obligation...
Working on my truth in advertising today, just thought I would share.  I try to bring a sense of depth to things when I can. Make it a Great Day.
Or in this case - Deeds Of Trust.  So, what does the name on the Deed mean?Well without further ado, let's get underway. Thomas Jefferson had a quaint idea about these things.  Something about basic property rights, guns, freedom from the tyranny of centralized guberment et cetera.All of this wen...
This thing .... duplicated from a doll house the lady had as a child.  Exactly.  Interior and everything.  She has since passed and the doll house was donated to a museum in St. Louis.Pictures do not do it justice at all.  An enclave of custom homes tucked away up on that cliff.  Just like Hollyw...
I have not watched this yet but apparently I should.
Oh this is my favorite!!Thank you for calling (again) and please press 1 for ... The seller is flipping out cannot make another payment the moving truck is loaded the lisitng agent is out of town the insurance rider is only good for 30 days nobody can find the keys somebody's car is in the shop t...

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