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Today, I was in the office working on some deals and doing a little farming, when I got a call from a past investor client who wanted answers to a question. They wanted to know if a busy street is being built through a subdivision, does this increase or decrease the market value in the homes in t...
Every since I read "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki, I wanted to play his game "Cashflow". This is a great game if you want to get into investing and learning to build wealth. The object of this game is to create passive cashflow through real estate, stock or business investments. No matter...
Good afternoon activerainers, Today I'm at a doctors office waiting on a friend to get a check up. I decided to bring my laptop so I can surf the net as I wait. Laptops are great because we are able to work from anywhere. The other patience are wondering what I'm doing and looking at me strange. ...
4 bedrooms 3.5 baths for this unit. Pre-wired surround sound, push button fireplace 42' cabinets. Gameroom located upstairs. Beautiful office when you first walk in. Loaded with features! Hardwood and tile floors downstairs. Built in 2000 with over 3348 square feet of living space. Priced at $32...
I was looking around for a good inexpensive company to build and manage a professional wesite. There are many out there which are great to set up. As professionals, we want something that looks nice, easy to manage and won't drain our comissions. I found a company, many of you may already know of...
As they say in the business, "You are only as successful as your last transaction". Once that is complete you have to hustle for you next paycheck. If you do not stay on track to have a continuous stream of income, you can fall very fast. I think the hardest part if this business is keeping on tr...
I work with a lot of leases. Many of these leads come from many sources, websites, signs word of mouth Therefore it is not always possible to meet with them and screen them face to face. There are many times people call about a property say they are interested in it. When you meet with them, they...
  A few months ago, maybe in February, I decided to put out a news letter. Not the modern electronic newsletters used in emails today, but a single page front and back monthly newsletter delivered directly to your door. I wanted it to be different from the others and original. There are many ways...
Lately, AR was having a problem with the system. Every time I blog, my points are not counted and I have to contact the administrator to get my points counted. I think sometimes my blogs may not show up on the list of new posts.  AR will correct the problem but not until I send them an email. Is ...
Today I want to talk about follow ups. We must follow up with other agents that show our properties the same way we follow up with clients about inquiring about a property. There are many ways to follow up with clients and other agents. •1)     Email •a.      You can use a scheduling company (for...

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