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In my fabulous job as a Realtor, I have the opportunity to meet lots of new people.  This happens usually from the out of the blue possibilities like sign calls, web advertising, website visits, postcard mailings or other hits from the myriad of advertising that I do.  These are first classified ...
A friend of mine who is a school teacher recently shared a post on Facebook about the seven stages of a snow day for an educator that a friend of hers had written.  I found it absolutely hilarious and got to thinking about it in terms of a sign call from a Realtors perspective.  Fellow Realtors, ...
  When you're in real estate, there are only two ways you can make money.  One is working with a buyer, which many times is unproductive and introduces you to a myriad of nut cases who think they are ready, willing and able to purchase  a home but many times are not.  Often, the reason they can't...
We seem to have become a nation who enjoys playing the blame game.  If something goes wrong in an area of our lives, who can we blame?  It can't be ourselves or our decsions.  This is especialliy becoming  problematic in the already weak and hard hit housing market.  Sellers are starting to blame...
Okay, I am writing this because right now I am really steamed.  I just had an agent here in Atlanta, Marlene was her name, last name forgotten, who went and showed one of my properties, with no call, hello, request for approval, nothing, nada, zilch.  I mean c'mon!  In today's market if you a goo...
Okay, I have seen some nasty properties in my real estate career, homes that have been foreclosed on are ususally the worst.  I have seen houses trashed because people were pissed they were being thrown out.  Once I went to show a house where the former owner had died of breast cancer.  Her mom a...
Being a Real Estate Agent in Today's Market Have you ever thought about going ito real estate?  Everyone seems to think it is an easy job, you can make lots of money, drive a glamerous car...it is a great job, don't get me wrong but the market can sometimes make a fun job not so fun. I work in on...

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