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Life in central Texas is very good! Our economy is on fire, new homes are being built, folks are moving from across the country for jobs, what's not to love?Well, private property owners have the ability to do what they want with their property (within reason, of course!). One owner that has owne...
Ok, I'm guilty! It's been far too long since I sat down and put words into a blog post. I admit that I read Active Rain posts weekly, and often think about posting an idea or two, but just don't get around to it. Blame it on distractions - do we have enough of those to share? But blame ultimately...
No doubt by now most of us have attended or seen a local housing forecast for our metro areas and the nation. Am sure most of it is positive, as it should be, to boost early optimism in the industry. We are truly blessed to have a solid market and our local San Antonio Board of Realtors (SABOR) h...
Wow! I had a set back and didn't finish this string on our Bluestone Custom Home. It was complete and the new owners are loving life in it! I was recovering from surgery and absolutely forgot to get the finished product out here. Anway, it appraised for $508,000 and here are some of the professio...
Although the blessed rain has slowed the Bluestone Home project in Rockwall Ranch somewhat, the house is coming along nicely. Wallas textured and cabinets goin in. Paint to start Monday, and exterior continues to look better each day. The exterior stone has a wonderful array of color in it to pro...
What a difference a few days makes! We are at the point that the house changes almost daily now that the sheetrock is up. You can see the walls and the features are starting to pop at you, like the light cove in the living room and entry area that will have adjustable lighting to set the right mo...
Starting to look like a real house!  Will have drywall in soon and we'll really get some visual of the house. Many rain delays and some material shortages have put the project at a slow pace, but will pick up again this week with better weather and material deliveries on time! Some of the details...
It's been too long since our last update! Building our Bluestone Home continues and much has been done and these photos are from 3 weeks ago. All framing, electrical, rough plumbing, and mechanicals are complete. Looking to start drywall this week and have roof shingles by Monday. The wet weather...
I am keeping this blog to update on building a custom Bluestone Home in Rockwall Ranch, near New Braunfels, TX. This is to share the process, learn a few tips, and watch an exquisite home take shape. We are now in week 3 of construction and framing is taking place along with exterior sheath insta...
Building a custom Bluestone Home is a process that I want to share as we build to educate and inform both buyers and agents. This is a multi part blog that will walk us through the process and watch the progress, and hopefully learn a few things as well. Although our weather is certainly not bad ...

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