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Marketing, website and blogging tips for realtors! Find out how to showcase your business through direct mail and email. online and offline. Lots of tips that are FREE!
WARNING: THIS POST COULD MAKE YOU THINK AND TAKE A BUNCH OF TIME TO WATCH! I think Realtors sometimes get so used to listening to real estate experts that they forget to look outside the industry to people who have great ideas that don't necessarily focus on realtor marketing! Here are my top 4 p...
It is tough out there in the real estate market, no doubt. If you do not HAVE to sell your home right now and can't afford to possibly bring money to the table, don't list it! BUT if you are moving to a new area, want to move up to a nicer house in a great market, are having financial difficultie...
So I talk to Realtors all the time about how to grow their business and the number one thing I can recommend is sending out a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter! Here are my Top 10 Email Newsletter List Building techniques! NUMBER ONE AND MOST IMPORTANT - READ THIS IF YOU SKIP EVERYTHING ELSE! Make...
Hi all! I am getting ready to start an internet mastermind here in Westminster/Broomfield Colorado for small business owners and need a place to meet the second and fourth Tuesday's per month with a set aside meeting room from 6-9. Does anyone know a good restaurant that could accommodate 20-35 p...
So I was writing a serious blog post over at about List Building for Entrepreneurs and Realtors and I noticed that while it was good I couldn't really say some of the things that I was REALLY thinking. Since my friends here on Active Rain are a twisted bunch I figured you ...
So I was writing a post over at Marketing Artfully about Social Networking, Blogging and Sanity (NOT mutually exclusive) and I thought I would pop over here to find out how you all use Active Rain in conjunction with your "real" blogs or websites! Active Rain As Your Main Site From my work with r...
Whenever I talk with Realtors they are always asking how to get more leads - well here is a little secret...:) Meet more people - put them in your database and then talk to the consistently! I have heard a shocking statistic that 94% of SATISFIED home buyer or sellers never hear from their realto...
Real estate agents MUST differentiate to survive! I have been encouraging agents to pick a niche for YEARS! Well the other day Seth Godin wrote an article about Where have all the agents gone? He likened real estate agents to travel agents and stock brokers. Instead of doom and gloom, he talked a...
So I was over at Facebook reading and found this new video by Dave Jenks. It really hits on some good point that realtors should be focusing on in today's market. Happy watching! Join me on Facebook! Taradactyl on Facebook
So I am doing all my grownup stuff today: Filing my business taxes - PEOPLE March 15 is two days away - get them in NOW! Paying the State of Florida for the right to have my PA Sending in an affidavit so my husband can sign papers for me (we are closing on a house in 3 weeks!!!!!) Sending in an a...

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