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I have previously blogged on a leak I had in the ceiling of my living room. I first reported it to my HOA on June 28th, 2009. This is what the ceiling looked like when it started turning yellow, and eventually leaking.   Before: After about one month, the HOA finally sent someone over to cut a ho...
I took advantage of the 2008 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit in December 2008 and bought myself the perfect little starter condo, 2 beds/2baths. My first quick fix was the flooring! When I bought this about 8 months ago, the original owner from the early 80s was still here; pink carpet, vinyl, a...
Austin, Texas is finally seeing some rain, horray! Yesterday and today we have had quite the down pour. I have to say, I LOVE a good rain. The smell, the clouds, the lightening, thunder, absolutely everything; even the laziness that surrounds me when it starts raining. It's like..my legs don't wo...
WARNING: This is my second blog post ever (so do bear with me!). It appears as if people can blog on just about anything....so here is a question for you that I've been dealing with all morning, and now well into the afternoon. Drip Email Marketing Campaigns: How Does It Work For You?   I have be...
After recently taking a class on "Painless Prospecting" at a local title company, here I am on ActiveRain writing my first blog! i am a "Generation Y" and I still have yet to master an online social networking site....can you believe it? I was there for the first days of MySpace, Facebook. Linked...

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