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I would first off like to state that I have only been a loan officer for a couple of years, and some might agree it may be some of the worst times for a new loan officer to start.  However, I would be willing to bet that I have run across as many, if not more, unique scenarios than any.  Outside ...
  I would like someone to help me understand what the difference is in these two programs.  Not in the details, but in the nature of the programs and what they were designed to accomplish.   Tax Money Let me start off these thoughts by reminding everyone that a total of almost $3,000,000,000 (bil...
First thing's first, I would like to start off by saying I am in no way generalizing or pointing a finger.  This post is to put my scattered thoughts on paper, so I apologize if I misspell any word or it seems scattered at times. I have not been as active on this website in terms of posts or comm...
So, now that these giants are under government control...what's next? I was thinking about that when I heard about it yesterday and thought it could go either way, good or bad for the short term.  I thought maybe things get worse before better, however, government programs are more lax and rates ...
To start this entry, I would like to state that I can't go anywhere (for the most part) and say what I do without someone saying something negative about this market.  I agree that this is a down market, but it's still a great time.  As the title states, I wanted to post an update on this website...
As everyone knows, foreclosure rates are up and the percentage of home that are within 2 months of being foreclosed is rising as well.  As a result, the department of HUD has worked rigorously to try to help those families in need.  The simple fact is, it is a very difficult time and a very strat...
What a name for a post. My wife just got back from London and Paris and she bought me some really nice French Silk tie's, one of which is Pink (mostly) with blue and burgundy lines.  I decided to save the pink tie for last and I've come to a conclusion. First, with a blue shirt it matches very we...
August 28   I went to an Missouri Bankers Association, Young Bankers meeting and found that is a very professional and worthwhile meeting for our region.  I am looking forward to becoming more involved in the Young Bankers Association and meeting many great people.  If there are any questions abo...
Since I've started in the Residential Lending business, I have notice a big change in everything, including almost every form or home financing.  We offer a wide range of conventional loan programs from many investors, as well as VA and FHA government programs.  We are still working on getting si...

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