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Some real estate deals are smooth as glass.  Other deals are fraught with challenges and frustration.  As a real estate professional, you can make the those challenging deals less stressful for your clients.  I  closed one Friday that had a lot of perils along the way.  It was a first time purch...
If your real estate client is calling me, you are probably doing something really wrong. Lately we are seeing a pattern of clients of other agents that I am in transactions with, calling me.  In the last three months: One seller asked me if I had heard from their agent, because they can’t seem t...
Truer words cannot be spoken!  Most of the time it does more harm to be upset that to just approach and handle the situation in a calm state of mind.This seems to be a common issue that I think we can ALL relate when things get heated and have the potential to turn into a name calling, finger poi...
Over the years I have held and attended hundreds of open houses. Some are fantastically boring and others are incredibly fun - depending which builder is giving away the wine, catered food and bizarre entertainment. I once witnessed a guy who stayed in a frozen position for 10 minutes at a time....
I want to re-blog this for a few different reasons but mostly to clear up mis-conceptions of "WHAT" kind of market we are actually in today! Some buyers are still mistakenly waiting for prices to hit bottom.  While prices are still low, lets clear this up...we are in what looks A LOT like .... A ...
Don't be THAT agent....Not what you want your colleages to think of you when they see your listing in MLS.   Also, while I'm on the subject; it takes only a few seconds to type in the lot sq.ft. at top of listing so when other agents need it they do not have to run to tax records etc..etc..ect :-...
This is such a great blog post that I could not resist the re post.  so very true and i believe most full time agents can most certainly identify with this.There are a myriad of ways to approach a career selling real estate. Many have the perception that it's a sales job. It is not. It's a servic...
This is certainly a very educational post.  It is hard for buyers to understand this because of media and ads they are reading about how "OTHERS" are buying houses for almost nothing...this blog holds even more truth in Texas.  Thanks! Let's get one thing straight. In most instances, the days of ...
If you have ever wished you were retired but know it will be many years away for you or  If you are retired and are looking for a place to spend time during a warm winter... Don't look to much further than Corpus Christi and/or Rockport, Texas and surrounding areas...  Which one's for me?  Well, ...
More safety tips, can never have to many! Better & Better, TiffanyIf our previous post taught us anything, it is that Active Rainers are definitely passionate about their Smartphones! Smartphones, no matter what platform you are on, are great because of their apps; whether they allow you to uploa...

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