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If you are a Lewiston Auburn Maine property owner who is seriously considering whether to sell your house, you know there are many practical details that bear careful consideration. One of the first is the decision regarding whether or not -- and if so, to what extent - refurbishing or upgrading ...
The term you hear most often is the simple ‘lease option’ – actually short for “Lease with the Option to Purchase”. It is an agreement made between a home owner and renter that includes a provision giving the tenant the opportunity to purchase the property at a pre-determined price at the end of ...
I’ve heard it said that there are really only two kinds of people in the Lewiston-Auburn area: those who make New Year’s resolutions, and everybody else. Now that we are fully launched into 2012, humanity will have already separated itself into the two camps. One group is automatically removed f...
  Here in the Augusta area the holidays are in full swing! This is hardly an unpredictable phenomenon, but this year there did seem to be a slightly longer delay than usual following Thanksgiving. The cheer-inducing holiday lights and colorful store window ornamentation have begun to do their wor...
Part of the everyday vocabulary for everyone who deals with our Lewiston-Auburn real estate market are the words “MLS” and “MLS Listings”. First-time buyers and sellers can find the term confusing because it is used in so many different ways.  You may hear people ask if a house you are considerin...
 Any informed Lewiston-Auburn homeowner (or future Lewiston-Auburn homeowner) is keenly aware of the national and regional real estate trends. It’s hard to avoid hearing about them, because the TV and print media headline them all the time. Often the headline angle of those reports focuses on “d...
Marketing homes for sale during the holiday season is challenging, yet for the serious seller prepared to put in some extra effort, having the only home that sells this time of year will be ample reward. Here are some quick tips to help you outshine other Augusta area homes for sale during this ...
If you've ever tried to sell a home, you know that marketing quickly reveals itself as the first critical element. Whether you're listing your property for sale with a real estate professional or “testing the marketability” by going For-Sale-By-Owner attempting to navigate the Lewiston-Auburn rea...
Even Cowgirls Get The Property Blues … or Not Back in the ‘90s, Tom Robbins’ imaginative novel was repurposed into a forgettable movie – but the ‘Cowgirls’ theme was revived a few years ago in articles about the glum side of skyrocketing property value appraisals: excessive tax bills whose rise w...
Hey Folks, if you are exploring a change in software for your real estate practice or looking to implement your first system, RealtyJuggler is worth a look!  I've been an in-depth Top Producer user for over 10 years and have become frustrated with not only the fees but more importantly, how slow ...

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