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Hi Everyone!  Happy Saturday to all my ActiveRain friends.               Jane                                                                               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles.  Then thevictory is yours.  It cannot be taken from you, not...
Hi Everyone!  Hey, I still cannot believe today is Friday -  I rememberMonday  and not sure what happened to Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.I know that I had a somewhat challenging week ~ Yes, and one of my favoritequotes, credited to Joseph Campbell, came to mind:                     "The Cave...
Hi Everyone!  Have a little song replaying this morning in my mind; youprobably also remember it from your past?!?  This Little Light of Mine, I'm Gonna Let It Shine.  It did light a little spark in my heavier than usual day.Perhaps some of the shine will transfer in the quotes.                  ...
Hi Everyone!  Wondering how each of you are and wishing a wonderful dayfor all of us.  I believe we are grateful for the friendship and support we havefor each other.  A lot to be grateful for, huh  ~?  Here's to an especially smoothrunning day...hey, let's make it for the week.  No rain, at leas...
Hi Everyone!  I promised a happier post for today...I was looking forsomething to deflect the heaviness of yesterday's post.  Looking for a verypositive Wednesday for all of us.  I went to Winnie-the-Pooh...   Believe thatis a little lighter;  check it out.......                                  ...
Hi Everyone!  I preface the following to let you know this is a sort of sad post.  I did question myself whether to send and yet on this Tuesday in 'time,'  I amout looking for prayers - something to take away pain.  Will you pleaseforgive me;  tomorrow I have a happier post ready to send.   The ...
Hi Everyone!  The theme of Sunday's quotes was to find the refresh, restart,'Reset' button within each of us.  Usually following reset, I feel a sense ofbeing cleansed,  renewed, and much like the following morning of New YearsEve. I feel fresh and gung ho on my new life and my new resolutions.  ...
Hi Everyone!  You know how now and then we do a 'Refresh, Restart, Reset'on some of our devices such as our computers and smart phones, I feel it isjust as important to take the time and do a 'Reset' on ourself, on our own life.I read these two quotes recently: "The trouble with real life is, the...
Hi Everyone!  It's a little late here on a Saturday evening.  Just wanted to make a  stop at the Sandbox.  Even if no one is here at this time, think I willsit a few minutes and quietly reflect. Maybe I will build a little Sandcastle.Sending best wishes and prayers.  Have a great Sunday!         ...
Hi Everyone!  Just time for a quick stop at the Sandbox and to  drop offthe quotes for the day.  Thinking of you and hoping you had a wonderfulday.  I am very grateful to know you and blessed to have you as friends.                                                                                  ...

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