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Hi Everyone!  Barbara Todaro is so special and one of my favorites here in ACTIVERAIN.  This particular post was for me -'the right medicine and at the right time.'  It is truly funny and I am hoping if anyone missed Barbara's post, that there is a '2nd Chance' not to miss the laughs.  Have a gre...
Hi Everyone on this beautiful Tuesday in TIME.  I have missed you andyou certainly have been on my mind.  I completed my move here in the MetroOrlando, Florida area.  And the move went so nicely.  I did ask for prayersand have a feeling your prayers were heard as my move went through verysmoothly...
Hi Everyone!  I rarely post our TeamConnect Realty business. However, we have been pleasantly busy so far in 2020 and I thought I would share aour last closing.  Thought you might like to see our TeamConnect Realty's Broker/Owners.  As some of you know I have nine children -- 4 sons and 5 daughte...
Hi Everyone!  Thinking of you and wishing you a great day? Droppingoff a few quotes and in hopes they give us additional insight, energy, drive,wisdom, and a 'magic' to our day.  I will be moving today and if anyone hasan extra prayer hanging around and ready to spare, I would love to receiveit -...
Hi Everyone!  Monday is my favorite day of the week. I see Mondaysas the true beginning of my week.  I always envision a fresh new slate andholding a new, long  piece of white chalk in my hand -- ready to write.  One more time I am given a chance to work on things that are meaningful to me,I feel...
Hi Everyone!  Have a great day wherever you are!  May your day be magical.I'm in the mood for a few aphorisms today.  I hope you will like what I chose.        (Aphorism (definition):  a  short, pithy statement containing a truth         of general import or astute observation ~                  ...
Hi Everyone!  Lately I have found myself taking a little more TV time duringthe day to watch the news. I have found also that I am intrigued with certainleaders who daily speak for long periods of time.  In particular I am interestedin a few who seem to be especially gifted.  They can genuinely s...
Hi Everyone!  It's 6 AM here in Orlando, Florida.  Thought I might get agood start to this Saturday.  Sending quotes by a trained Carrier Pigeon tothe Sandbox.  Have a great day, wherever you are.                                ~Jane                                                     ~~~~~~~~~~~...
"Good  Morning!  Oh and in case I  don't see you  -              Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Night."                                                           (Movie: The Truman Show, 1998 - Jim Carrey)                                         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~                              ...
Hi Everyone!  Monday and wondering how you all handled last week?  Wereyou able to enjoy your Easter Sunday?  I do hear that people are getting alittle restless and depressed - feeling unhappy in the confinement.  One persontold me today that he was beginning to feel stir-crazy.  I heard this mor...

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