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Hi Everyone!  Monday is my favorite day of the week. I see Mondaysas the true beginning of my week.  I always envision a fresh new slate andholding a new, long  piece of white chalk in my hand -- ready to write.  One more time I am given a chance to work on things that are meaningful to me,I feel...
Hi Everyone!  Have a great day wherever you are!  May your day be magical.I'm in the mood for a few aphorisms today.  I hope you will like what I chose.        (Aphorism (definition):  a  short, pithy statement containing a truth         of general import or astute observation ~                  ...
Hi Everyone!  Lately I have found myself taking a little more TV time duringthe day to watch the news. I have found also that I am intrigued with certainleaders who daily speak for long periods of time.  In particular I am interestedin a few who seem to be especially gifted.  They can genuinely s...
Hi Everyone!  It's 6 AM here in Orlando, Florida.  Thought I might get agood start to this Saturday.  Sending quotes by a trained Carrier Pigeon tothe Sandbox.  Have a great day, wherever you are.                                ~Jane                                                     ~~~~~~~~~~~...
"Good  Morning!  Oh and in case I  don't see you  -              Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Night."                                                           (Movie: The Truman Show, 1998 - Jim Carrey)                                         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~                              ...
Hi Everyone!  Monday and wondering how you all handled last week?  Wereyou able to enjoy your Easter Sunday?  I do hear that people are getting alittle restless and depressed - feeling unhappy in the confinement.  One persontold me today that he was beginning to feel stir-crazy.  I heard this mor...
Hi Everyone! Sunday evening and hoping everyone had a beautiful EasterSunday  - blessed and holy.  Our family, still in self-isolation, did a couple ofZoom/video get-togethers on our computers.  We had a successful one onHoly Thursday and our Easter Zoom get-together was great -- lots of funand s...
Hi Everyone!  One of my daughters just sent this to me and it put a smileon my face and a lift to my spirit.  Perhaps it will do the same for you.  Itwas sent to me from a group of  neighbors in Lewiston, Idaho who got itfrom someone in Florida.                                                    ...
Hi  Everyone! Drove past the park and of course, the park is quite empty...people are living more sheltered in their homes.  Know we are all lookingforward to a day when everyone is well and safe again, to a day when otherswill smile again and worry is less.  Wherever you are, I pray that your da...
Hi Everyone!  Sitting here at the Sandbox at 5:30 AM and wishing youwere here.  Perhaps a little too early in the morning and you are all busygetting a strong start to the day with that first cup of java.  Just thinkingabout the many challenges so many people are facing today.  Going tocheck out ...

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