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Hi Everyone!  Wondering how each of you are and wishing a wonderful dayfor all of us.  I believe we are grateful for the friendship and support we havefor each other.  A lot to be grateful for, huh  ~?  Here's to an especially smoothrunning day...hey, let's make it for the week.  No rain, at leas...
Hi Everyone!  I promised a happier post for today...I was looking forsomething to deflect the heaviness of yesterday's post.  Looking for a verypositive Wednesday for all of us.  I went to Winnie-the-Pooh...   Believe thatis a little lighter;  check it out.......                                  ...
Hi Everyone!  I preface the following to let you know this is a sort of sad post.  I did question myself whether to send and yet on this Tuesday in 'time,'  I amout looking for prayers - something to take away pain.  Will you pleaseforgive me;  tomorrow I have a happier post ready to send.   The ...
Hi Everyone!  The theme of Sunday's quotes was to find the refresh, restart,'Reset' button within each of us.  Usually following reset, I feel a sense ofbeing cleansed,  renewed, and much like the following morning of New YearsEve. I feel fresh and gung ho on my new life and my new resolutions.  ...
Hi Everyone!  You know how now and then we do a 'Refresh, Restart, Reset'on some of our devices such as our computers and smart phones, I feel it isjust as important to take the time and do a 'Reset' on ourself, on our own life.I read these two quotes recently: "The trouble with real life is, the...
Hi Everyone!  It's a little late here on a Saturday evening.  Just wanted to make a  stop at the Sandbox.  Even if no one is here at this time, think I willsit a few minutes and quietly reflect. Maybe I will build a little Sandcastle.Sending best wishes and prayers.  Have a great Sunday!         ...
Hi Everyone!  Just time for a quick stop at the Sandbox and to  drop offthe quotes for the day.  Thinking of you and hoping you had a wonderfulday.  I am very grateful to know you and blessed to have you as friends.                                                                                  ...
Hi Everyone. Been thinking of the need we all have at times to find someextra energy.  Doesn't matter the term or what we call it:  replenishing ourenergy, charging our batteries, finding some healing energy...  It is importantto take time out of our busy schedules and duties and take care of our...
Hi  Everyone!   Tuesday here in Orlando, thinking of you as I cross over themany states and locations we all live in.  Normally this is my procedure beforeI begin each post -- I pause and wonder what you are all doing and wishingeach of you a wonderful day - business/office meetings, client appoi...
Hi Everyone!  Happy Monday to everyone.  I have a goal, a dream that meansso much to me right now.  Yes, I am working on it daily with every inner andouter resource I find.  As we come together here, do you mind if I ask you,'Do you have a special dream?  Are you working on it?  And how is it goi...

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