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Hi Everyone!  Happy 'GAME' Day,  no matter what 'game' you are currently playing  or planning to watch.                                                                                                                                                      Jane                                        ...
Happy Saturday, Everyone.  In an hour I am meeting my personal  coach to'Walk to Kansas'.  No, not really going to walk to Kansas, just to the neareststreet closest to our house - KANSAS.  I hate exercise and doesn't matterthe kind; find it ultra boring and absolutely no fun.  Funny thing is I ha...
Hi Everyone!  Friday and February 1st...where is the 'time' going?  Stillworking on my New Year's resolutions, meeting the challenges and inno way do I feel close to another failed year.  Wishing for you success,also.  WE CAN DO IT!                                                            ~Jane...
Hi Everyone!  Wishing you a 'MAGICAL' Day!                                       Jane                                                                                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Magic is believing in yourself.  If you can do that, you can make anythinghappen."                                    ...
Hi Everyone!  Wishing you a super nice Wednesday wherever you are.Thinking of you and hoping you are safe and warm.  Today I have someplans that are going to take me out of my comfort zone.  I am going to goback into my learning on 'Cognitive Psychology' - where we see the glassin front of us as ...
Hi Everyone!  Orlando is sunny today and current temperature this morningat 11 AM, 58 degrees and going for a high of 65.  Now where I come from -Chicagoland, I heard record cold and even heard a possibility of -50 degrees- wind chill.  Do recall a night in Chicago, 1982, where they said it was 6...
Hi Everyone.   Wishing all a great week.                                  ~Jane                                                          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "It's a new day.  You don't have to look behind and relive the past withregret and you don't have to dream of a distant future to try to captureh...
Hi Everyone!  Still working and actually doing pretty well on my 2019 New Year's resolutions.  For one thing, I have managed to stay ahead of one weaknessthat could endanger my success, - 'procrastination'.  However, thought theremight be some good quotes to check out.  Have a great weekend!     ...
Hi Everyone from sunny Orlando, Florida.  AND, it's Friday and simply such agorgeous day - the skies are blue-blue and the sun shines through the hugeTucker Oaks in the backyard.  Have a great day wherever you are.               ~Jane                                                          ~~~~~...
Hi Everyone!  Have a feeling you know the source I will choose for the quotes today.  Yes, it is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Monday!  Have a great day!                                                                                                 Jane                                            ...

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