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Hi Everyone!  Just a quick stop to drop off the quotes for Wednesday.Thinking of you and hoping you are having a wonderful day!!       ~Jane                                                                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  "Put all your excuses aside and remember this:  YOU ARE CAPABLE."     ...
Hi Everyone!  Watching the news early this morning, I saw a report thatlongevity is the result of a happy and positive disposition.  It reported thatexperts claim our genes account for about 20%-30% of our longevity andthat 70%-80%depend on our lifestyle.  Of course logically this follows:healthy...
Hi Everyone!  From Orlando and wishing everyone a spectacular week!  Yes,we will work hard and yet, we will manage to stick some laughter and fun intoour week...and because of reminders of  James Dray  -- Smiles,  too.                                                                               ...
Hi  Everyone and a Happy Sunday.  Today's quotes may not apply to everyonein the same way; still I find them special with their individual messages.  Assome of you, my friends, know I have been hoping to at least, write...complete...publish 4 books I have stuck in my head:) I seriously take to he...
Hi Everyone!  Saturday Morning...Such a beautiful day in the park and guessI wouldn't look too proper on the trapeze or monkey bars dressed in my'going-on-showing- appointments' suit.  Have a wonderful day, my friends.Let's make it a magical and fun day!    See ya later.                          ...
Hi Everyone!  Thursday Evening and dropping off some quotes at the Sandbox.  Hope everyone has had a GREAT WEEK.                         ~Jane                                                          ~~~~~~~~~~~~  "When you start to do the things that you truly love, it wouldn't matterwhether it ...
Hi Everyone!  Taking a little time to come to the sandbox; looking for a littleextra energy for my 'catch-up' Friday.  I still have lots of hours left in the dayto work on my plan and excited, happy about my agenda - challenges -wellthe reasonable ones (haha).  Usually puts me in a happy and posi...
Hi Everyone!  A bit behind schedule; been working on 'keeping all the platesspinning.'   Believe I have enough I am working on and really feeling quitepositive and happy...it's challenging and fun all at the same time.  Going todrop off the quotes now on my way home.  Hope everyone had a greatWed...
Hi Everyone!  Even though I am watching Liberty National PGA Golf onthe side today, I still have the new football season on my mind.  Guess beingborn and raised in Green Bay Packerland, I have been indoctrinated in thesport.  Diffficult not to be as many people living in the Vince Lombardi erakne...
Hi Everyone!  Well, here we are and the Football Season just began with theAugust NFL Pre-Season games.  Watching a game with my sons last night,we got in a discussion of football coaches who strongly motivated their teams.We grew up and lived in Green Bay and of course remembered the lateChampio...

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