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Hi Everyone!  It was another beautiful day here in Orlando, Central Florida.We had a high of 82 and predicting a low of 61. There were blue skies, palmtrees swaying in a beautiful breeze and the sun shining high in the sky.Chose a few quotes to begin our week.  Let's make it magical.            J...
Hi Everyone!  Happy Tuesday!!  This morning it has been on my mindthe number of calls I have received lately from clients, family, friends thatare looking for relief from a certain nebulous tension in the air.  As youperhaps know, I have been in the counseling field for many years and now Ihear p...
Hi Everyone!  Sunday and a very beautiful day here in Orlando -  sunny,a high of 83 and a low of 59.  Hope you are as happy with your weatherwherever you live.  For me it makes life so wonderful when I love my weather,like a breath of fresh air and I do get more done in a day.Recently my eldest s...
Hi Everyone! Hope you have had a wonderful  Thanksgiving Day. I know I am dropping in late with the quotes this evening, but I do want youto know you were in my thoughts and prayers.  I am thankful to knowyou and I would like to let you know that you are an important part of my life.  I am gratef...
Hi  Everyone!  Well, this is a switch for me - 7 am and at the sandbox. Myiphone tells me Orlando is currently 48°, sunrise was 6:47 am, predictinga high of 75 and a low of 54 with another sunshiny day.  Right now it is alittle chilly and very cloudy as I turn on some meditation music and get rea...
Hi Everyone.  Monday Morning and a gorgeous, beautiful day here in Orlando.The sky is a beautiful blue, the sun is 'a-shining,' the temperature reads 62 degrees - with a gentle breeze.  I feel it is a perfect day to once again take on my current #1 challenge.  Somehow, somewhere, someway, somepla...
Hi Everyone!  On Thursday we celebrate a day of Thanksgiving.  Thismorning someone came into my day and brought to my attention howthankful I should be, how very fortunate I am.  It is with a deeper senseof gratitude, I chose the quotes for the day.                                      Jane      ...
Hi Everyone!  It's almost midnight, Saturday Evening.  Just making a quickstop at the Sandbox.  Wishing everyone a wonderful Sunday!               Jane                                                                             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Always surround yourself  with friends that have plent...
Hi Everyone!  Putting in a few quotes at the sandbox; hoping they havethe energy, and the inspiration to propel us forward to a great week.                                                                                                                                           ~Jane              ...
Hi Everyone!  Yesterday I had occasion to be near enough to a married couplewho have been together for years. Through the years and my work as acounselor, I've been involved in working with many meaningful relationships, many marriages. However yesterday, Saturday morning, I was within ear shotof...

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