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Hi Everyone!  One of my favorite days in the week - I love Saturdays.  Noticethat on Saturdays, I have the motivation, energy, drive, attitude all dancingmerrily in sync.  As a result, I usually end the day with a smile.  Wishing foryou a great Saturday!                                           ...
Hi Everyone!  Today, Wed., Nov. 13, 2019 is WORLD KINDNESS DAY.It was introduced in 1998 by The World Kindness Movement and currentlyobserved in 28 different countries, (e.g.) Japan, Canada, Australia, Nigeria,the United States...  The purpose of the movement is to reach out with randomacts of ki...
Hi Everyone!  An appreciation of Veterans Day -- a day to remember andsalute and thank our Heroes.                                                                                                                                                              ~Jane                                    ...
Hi Everyone!  Two important football games being played this afternoon,the Bears/Lions Game - Bears won 20-13....and the Packers/Panthers Game.At halftime, the PACKERS are leading the PANTHERS 14-10.  This bornand raised Green Bay girl is a happy camper at the moment;  my two favoriteteams are ma...
Hi Everyone!  Happy Saturday and wishing for each of us a fantastic day!Just going to make a quick stop at the sandbox and maybe take a run ortwo on the monkey bars.  Anyone want to join me.  Then we can go on to thatfun and fantastic day.                                                          ...
Hi Everyone! Wishing for all a beautiful day.  I've read in the past to getthe difficult things on one's agenda for the day, done first thing off.  Yes, Idid and all completed by 12:00 noon -- well, except for one more thing.  Imoved to a new home last Saturday and I am still looking for somethin...
Hi Everyone!  And it's Thursday ~  Thinking of my friends today and justfeeling blessed and being grateful.  Studies have shown that people can add5 to 10 years to their lives from the support and love of their friends --partners, family members, co-workers, people from our childhood, fromour pas...
Hi Everyone!  Thinking of you and wherever you are and whatever you aredoing today, Wednesday - a day in time.   Make it magical...I will be working on  making my day a magical one also.                                                        Jane                                                   ...
Hi Everyone!  Happy Tuesday.  It is a gorgeous day here in Orlando, Central Florida - begins our 'Winter' - cooler and nice breezes a-n-d no SNOW.  It isalso the season of the 'Snow Birds,'  visitors from the northern states.  Have agreat day!                                                      ...
Hi Everyone!  I feel so fortunate that I receive feedback from 'Quotes fromthe Sandbox' ---- I receive favorite quotes from others.  Recently I receivedthe following and when checking noticed the poem/quote is controversialas to the author.  Supposedly, it was written by Wilfred Grindle Conarybef...

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