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This blog will be about Condos, Lofts and Townhomes in the great state of Vermont. The Vermont Condo blog will include posts about selling your Vermont Condo, investing in condominiums and buying a condo as a first or second home. We will also include post highlighting some of Vermont's best condo buildings and complexes.
If your a For Sale By Owner In Massachusetts and you are loooking for a great place to market your home then you should check out This site is really awesome and offer FSBO's in MA a easy way to market their home across the web for a low flat fee. So, if yo...
Located at 165 Gaston Street this Medford MA Home offers 3 Beds & 1.5 Baths spread out over 1000sqft. Please click here to view full details on this home.  Click Here To View 30+ Medford MA Homes For Sale 
Here in Boston we have many ground breaking green buildings like the Macallen. But nothing comes close to this kick ass home of the future. In my opion this could quite possibly be the world's greenest home...and if not at least one of the coolest homes ever built!   
So a friend of mine who is looking for an apartment in the New Orleans area posted a link to this add on Craigslist and I could not stop laughing. From the pic to the content this is simply awesome! Ive seen some good ones on Boston's Craigslist  in the past but this takes the cake hands down! 
Im not sure how many of you fellow Realtors out there show properties in elevator buildings but here in Boston our team does quite a bit. So after seeing this video we thought we would share because A) it is hysterical and B) we hope nothing like this ever happens to us when we are out showing pr...
Depending on where you live converting properties condos can be a very popular trend. Here in Boston developers compete day in and day out to get their hands on Boston Multi Families and apartment buildings that have the potential to be converted into condos. For those that know how to do it righ...
Being a Realtor can be a frustrating job at time. You have to deal with bad home inspections, bad agents, buyers that waste your time and much more. Sometimes these things can start to drive you nuts and make you question whether it is all worth it. Well...after watching what this guy has to do f...
Just anted to give props to Barbara on another great post so I thought I would reblog for my audience. If your looking to buy or sell in Franklin MA then you should contact Barbara and her team!    We continually read posts about selecting a niche and working it.  I think many real estate agents ...
Do you own a modern loft in the Boston area? Then you will enjoy this video of a loft in Toronto being staged. This loft is very similar to the lofts at Northpoint in Cambridge MA and some of the South Boston Lofts at the Macallen Building. Enjoy!     
Oh yes oh yes! Some of you have seen this video but for those of you who have not it is a much watch. Im sure every Realtor on this network has dropped one of these lines at least once in their career. If not then watch and learn! Nice!     

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