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Sometimes the simplest features are the most useful. One example of this is merging cells in Excel. Have you ever been frustrated while trying to center a title at the top of a spreadsheet? By merging cells you can turn the entire top row into a single cell and easily center your title.Here is an...
The rise of internet real estate listing aggregators has been followed by a second wave of internet listing submission services that submit listings to aggregators. Have you ever used one of these listing submission services? Do you know where your listing was published? Is it still listed "for s...
Do you have a current listing? Have you checked your listing on You might be surprised to discover a link to another agent who is using your listing to market himself or herself to buyers in your area.Yesterday, after reading "Zillow Goes Fishing" by Rudolph Bachraty, I decided to loo...
With all the talk about discounters, listing aggregators, and others marginalizing agent value and driving down commissions, I have some much needed good news for real estate professionals. After falling from 6.1% in 1991 to 5.02% in 2005, commissions are on the rise again. According to Les Chris...
Sometimes the best tools are the tools we already have.  The Microsoft Windows XP Start menu is a great way to organize your software tools, it's free, and if you are running Windows XP, it's already installed. All you need to do is customize it so that you can access the programs you use most.Cl...
How often do you use your own real estate website? Do you use your website to access information about your listings, area schools, real estate news, and other resources you rely on to attract business? If you don't use your own website, why not? If you find it difficult or time consuming to unde...
If you are tired of receiving an endless stream of credit card offers and you are looking for a quick and easy way to improve your credit score, I have great news! You can reduce the flow of credit card offers and possibly increase your credit score by opting out of the preapproved and prescreene...
Have you ever thought about how you answer your business phone?In my previous positions in the industry, I often had to return phone messages from real estate professionals. I had a name and a number, but I didn't know if that number was for a direct line or an office line. No problem, right? Aft...
It's that time of year again. Time to think about Christmas shopping? Yes, but it's also time to think about farming. Farming? Yes, November is a great time to think about real estate farming here in Santa Clara County.I'm holding a copy of C.A.R.'s California Real Estate Magazine from March, 200...
WINForms® is California Association of REALTORS® real estate forms on a computer.  There are two versions, Desktop and Online.  If you don't know which version is right for your business model, click here to read WINForms® Everywhere!  That should introduce you to the product and help you underst...

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Technology and marketing information for real estate professionals in Santa Clara County and the Bay Area

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