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I have a free Blogger blog aimed at local real estate professionals who might be interested in attending my technology and marketing classes.  I use Feedburner (also free) to track subscriptions, visitors, and page hits.  One of the things Feedburner tells me is which search terms were used to fi...
Video professionals used to say that you could always tell when new video effects were invented because they would invariably show up in car dealer commercials, typically piled one on top of another in a desperate attempt to attract attention.  I'm starting to think that widgets are the real esta...
Last night I was trying to set up a free WordPress blog on a new domain. I followed the instructions, created a MySQL database, and uploaded the WordPress files.  When I ran the installer that comes with WordPress, I got the following message:"Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL...
I routinely look at real estate websites and blogs to monitor industry standards. Unfortunately one of those standards is broken links. When a link breaks on the internet, it doesn't make a sound. Most visitors won't let you know when they discover a broken link, they'll simply look for the infor...
If you're planning to ring in the New Year by partying all night, now is the time to make plans to avoid getting a DUI.  You might want to book a room at a hotel near your party so that you don't have to drive home.  Many hotels in Downtown San Jose are offering special holiday rates.  If that do...
It's December 28th.  What are your plans for New Year's Eve?  Do they involve a night out on the town?  What exciting events are being held in your area?  Some areas provide free taxi service to curb drunk driving.  Does yours?  What are the numbers for local taxis?  Are there any New Year's Eve ...
A couple of months ago, I posted Info: Understanding Averages and Medians which explained the reasons for using median instead of average when looking at sale price and DOM.  It's also important to keep in mind that the median sale price can fluctuate due to changes in the mix of sales.  For exam...
The 55 acre lot at the corner of Monterey Road and Curtner Avenue stood as a monument to the death of American manufacturing.  The sprawling GE plant that had once employed over 3,000 workers producing engines was itself one of the engines that drove the development of the Willow Glen neighborhoo...
Am I using the holidays as an excuse for "fluff" posts? Not at all. What does Lincoln Avenue have to do with technology and marketing for real estate? My post on "The Heart of Willow Glen" was an example of the sort of local content that will draw clients and prospects to your real estate blog. B...
I had a Realtor come to my door a couple of days ago.  Being a real estate trainer, I'm always happy to see agents out walking their neighborhoods.  He handed me a flyer that was all about him with a color photo on both sides.  He introduced himself as the #1 Realtor in Willow Glen.  I've lived i...

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Technology and marketing information for real estate professionals in Santa Clara County and the Bay Area

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