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Did you have poor turnout at your open house this weekend? There's nothing more frustrating than giving up your weekend to hold an open house and having very few people show up. Have you farmed your listing in the surrounding neighborhood?Santa Clara County is a seller pay county. This means that...
A few days ago, I mentioned that "How's the market?" is the most common question I get regarding real estate. I have a simple format I use to assemble my response based on recent data from the area in question.  Simply complete these statements by inserting the location and choosing the most appr...
Here are four ideas to get your office motivated and moving forward in 2008.1. Five QuestionsRandomly call on agents at office meetings to answer the five questions that every agent needs to be able to answer anytime, anywhere. Have the other agents provide helpful feedback.2. Book ClubAssign tea...
There are five questions that every real estate professional should be prepared to answer anytime, anywhere. Are you ready to answer them? Click here to listen.When relatives, friends, or acquaintances ask me what I do for a living, I tell them that I am a real estate marketing and technology con...
In this podcast, I discuss the objectives of real estate podcasting. Click here to listen. Are you looking for ways to increase business while reducing expenses? Podcasting is an inexpensive way to stay in touch with your clients and reach out to new prospects. The overall objective of podcasting...
Last week I posted my first podcast discussing the elements of a professional podcast. If you've listened to that podcast, you probably have a good idea of what a podcast is from the perspective of a podcast listener and you have a good idea of how to structure your podcast. If you're interested ...
RE FormsNet has posted new How-To videos for ZipForm® Desktop, ZipForm® Online, and ZipForm® Online Plus at new videos cover a variety of useful ZipForm® techniques including how to use templates and the clause manager.Click on the links below to access the new videos.Zi...
It's March 2nd. The weather and the real estate market are starting to heat up here in Santa Clara County. Have you been marketing your services to past clients and prospects to make sure you don't miss out? SCCAOR and tech4REpros are offering several helpful technology classes in March. Here are...
In this podcast, I introduce podcasting and discuss the elements of a professional podcast.Are you looking for ways to increase business while reducing expenses? Podcasting is an inexpensive way to stay in touch with your clients and reach out to new prospects.Podcasts are internet audio broadcas...
There are several methods for e-mailing documents using Microsoft Publisher and Outlook. Unfortunately none of them is perfect, but all of them have valid uses. Rather than focusing on a single solution, I am going to provide an overview of each solution with advice on when to use it.E-mail as PD...

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