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Moving Fort Wayne, Indiana I'm a professional, full-time Realtor, professionally serving family and friends in Fort Wayne, IN. I put clients first and do business by referral by providing outstanding value and attention to my CURRENT clients rather than spending my time and energy searching for FUTURE clients. People like it when they are IMPORTANT. And they ARE!
Fort Wayne Showcase Day 4 - Craig "Idea Volcano" Crook and TEDx Fort Wayne Thanks to Craig Crook, May 14th will be an exciting and inspiring day for fans of technology, thought leadership, innovation, and design right here in little ‘ol Fort Wayne, Indiana!  Check it out!     That's right, TEDx i...
You guys in Fort Wayne who know me will laugh!  You know I'd love to live in a 600 foot cabin with a loft, so this post shouldn't surprise you!  :-)  Wondering if they'd like to open a store in Jefferson Pointe?  Hmmmmmm....  I'd be ino THAT!Have clients who are trying to sqeeze into a small spac...
Showcasing Fort Wayne Day 3 - Kevin Bontrager of NMFN Caught Kevin on camera and after clearing every word with compliance and his normal modeling agent team, he agreed for me to post this quick video of him in action!    Although he's tremendously successful in his career as a financial planner,...
Showcasing Fort Wayne - Day 2 - Julia Fiechter and On a dreary Sunday Laurie and I drove on out to see Julia Fiechter, a creative Fort Wayne Realtor who has come up with a brilliant new way to help the Fort Wayne community - its retailers, its consumers, and yes, its charities!...
Showcasing Fort Wayne Day 1 - The Home of Philo T. Farnsworth   Who knew?  Philo T. Farnsworth, the inventor of TV, set up shop right here in Fort Wayne.  Want to see where he lived?  Just go east on E. State Blvd a few blocks to the corner of St. Joseph Blvd & E. State.  There you'll find the be...
How to Feature Your Referral Parnters on Your Facebook Fan Page Here's one of the ways I feature my Realtor referral partners.  Maybe you can use it as well!     Here's how you can FEATURE your referral partners' fan pages on your own fan page.  And maybe they'd do the same in return (wink-wink)....
Fort Wayne, IN - Showcase Our City 31 Days of May Challenge Don't we have a tremendous city?  Help me showcase it.  I've accepted a challenge to write a new blog post every single day of May 2011 about local site, sounds, and businesses of Fort Wayne, as well as our real estate community. SUGGES...
Facebook Fridays....  On Saturday!  Better late than never!  So happy to have found this list!  Why?  Because when I went to the pages Emily suggested I found UNBELIEVABLE ideas for landing pages, posts, pictures, etc.  Even shared one picture from VanDyk Mortgage on my own Tech Savvy Lender wall...
Real Estate Agent Review Sites - Congrats Son Huynh, #1 Agent in Indiana "Hey, I recognize you....  Help me with your name again, please," says Blake from Top Producer. "Son Huynh, Realtor in Fort Wayne, Indiana," replies Son.  **Big smile from Blake** "Sure, I know you, you're the #1 recommended...
How To Appeal Your Property Tax Assessment in Allen County, IN Special thanks to Christine and Ed Schaefer for this terrific video about the tax bills many of us have just received here in Fort Wayne. What a great video.  See the complete post right here! You'll love this:  They're both natives o...

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