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Would you like to tap into the strongest demographic for home buyers today?Would you like to more than double your buyers home purchasing dollars?How about helping create income for those you work with in retirement?If you've even thought the word "yes" to any of the above then contact me today t...
For many, the start of 2014 has come with the dishearting news from the conventional lending industry that we are now facing tougher qualifying standards for mortgage qualification. The Qualified Mortgage is a reality, and a startling one at that. Ability to Repay guidelines, tighter Debt to Inom...
While most parts of the country have seen home sales and values begin to rebound it was evident earlier this summer just how fragile this real estate recovery really is. When the Fed even hinted that it would begin to taper it's controversial Quantitative Easing, mortgage rates jumped and home sa...
I've been spending a great deal of time the past few months educating Realtors about the FHA HECM program, primarily as it's reincarnation as a true Purchase Finance tool but also, and this is reflected by the general population and financial professionals alike, on basics of what a reverse mortg...
Have you lost a sale because of financing falling through? If you're like most realtors the answer is yes, yes, yes... With today's tighter lending requirements making the sale is only part of it. Do you work with buyers age 62 and over? Did you know that there is a special HUD purchase program t...
For those of us living here in the Northwest, summer brings with it dreams of spring eternal... and for those living on the West Side of the Cascades that means looking to purchase East of the mountains. Thanks to a dryer and sunnier climate many today are foregoing the typical retirement areas o...
Yes - mortgages work. We use them to purchase homes instead of relying on one to be handed down to us from a previous generation, or after decades of saving. And we are happy paying the bank back, up to twice the value of that home over 30 years, when we take the time to actually add up all of th...
OK, it's now been three weeks on my new diet, this Chef by Request is working... I've gone from 210 lbs to 202 lbs... and, I feel better than I've felt in years... literally years... could this eating regimin be a "time machine" as well? And, I'm never hungry, eating three meals and two snacks is...
After hearing friends and family rave about the former "Zone Seattle" phenom, now called Chef by Request, I decided to take the plunge... they follow the 40/30/30 regimen... all of the meals are prepared fresh, using local ingredients and delivered to my door the day they're prepared... gourmet d...
Join us Wednesday, 3/25, as Ted Butler, host of KIXI Radio's "Affordable Aging", guides Senior Homeowners on a tour of the FHA Reverse Mortgage.  Not sure just what a Reverse Mortgage is? Or do  you think you know what a Reverse Mortgage is? Are you 62 years of age or older and own your own home?...

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