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How to Buy and Sell Real Estate – Contra Costa County, CA  FIVE BENEFITS OF PROBATE PROPERTIES Big Bargain Basement Prices: The probate properties market is full of tremendous deals. In fact,  you can actually grab properties for 30% to 50% below market value. You can resell quickly and even capt...
The “Big 5” Things You Need To Know About Probate Properties – Alameda, CA – East Bay Homes When dealing with probate properties here are the 5 things you want to keep in mind….. Probate Properties are sold “as is” with no additional fix up improvements. So don’t expect the owner to lower the pri...
Google does have a flair for the dramatic. They have announced that on April 21 there will be a push to rank mobile friendly websites. That has a lot of business owners shaken up... and rightly so.  Not everyone is set up for mobile and that is where 50% of all web traffic will be coming in from....
Are your websites mobile friendly? If not get ready for a big shake up on April 21, 2015. Google is favoring mobile friendly websites. This means if your website is not mobile friendly it could lose rankings. The idea here is that 50% of all web traffic is from mobile sources, (smart phones and t...
BEFORE YOU BOOK YOUR NEXT CARGO VAN RENTAL -- Keep in mind that not all local Metro Detroit Van Rental are created -- EQUAL !!! Get the vehicle you NEED, no games, and upfront pricing.There ar...
We found a cargo van rental company that does what it says. When you rent a cargo van here for your next move or construction project this company will hold it for you. Unlike big car rental companies who hold their vehicles for the highest payer - Lakeside Car Rental  - will honor your deal. The...
Detroit, MIWhen you have a big reconstruction job it is important to have the right vehicle. Even if you are making small moves from one location to another. A cargo van can be just the right kind of vehicle for you.Getting one however can be a challenge. A lot of car and van rental places will h...
We're back after battling a rough winter here in Michigan ----The latest is Facebook and its over controlling nature regarding your ads. Has anybody noticed that its getting harder and harder to get your ads posted on Facebook these days?  This is directly impacting anyone who deals with a speed ...
        There are a lot of new changes to be aware of with Google in 2015. They are cracking down on doorway pages, spam blogs and are looking for authority sites.Another big thing here is mobile sites. Google is pushing for more mobile friendly sites and giving them preference on the SERPS - sea...
Detroit's apartments have been the focus on WDIV news and on channel 7. The images are not pretty. They show busted water pipes, and toxic black mold growing along the walls, hallways and staircases. People are locked into leases and cannot move out and are complaining to the media for help. The ...

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