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Love of God, Family and Country - these are the focus of Teral's life and here she shares her passions with those who share her same interests. As a native Texan Teral's roots are deep in the soil of Dallas-Collin County where the culture is as diverse as the people. North Central Texas is one of the fastest growing areas in the nation and expected to continue in the coming years.



Plano residents woke up to a day that was picture perfect to spend in the park. It was one of those days that makes the heart long even more for Spring with sunshine and 70 degrees. It was obvious that Texans were ready to be outdoors once more as the park was full of people of all ages. I couldn...
Surfing on the Internet tonight I came across an article about the Top Ten Healthiest Fast Food Restaurants. Healthiest and fast food caught my eye. Now that’s an oxymoron for sure. How can fast food be healthy! So I clicked on the link and began reading.Boy, was I surprised to see in the #8 spot...
What to Do About Home Prices in PlanoThe decline of home prices has been a hot topic in the news over the past several months. Recent articles published in the media would have readers believing that the value of their homes is falling faster than the sky was for Chicken Little. Most of these rep...
55 calendar days until Spring arrives. Many people are watching their gardens for the first signs of the daffodils. They are one of my favorites as well as the tulips. Both of them typically bloom in North Texas during the month of February which will be upon us next week. At the first sign of th...
The Urban dictionary defines a zinger as one of two things. They are 1) a witty comment or 2) making love to an electrical outlet. Hmmm...I hope to only experience that first one. Zingers are really useful in public speaking as they help keep the attention of your audiences. Or, as I have witness...
You know you are a Texan if you don’t like to go a day without sunshine. You know you are a Texan if you crank the heater when the temperature turns 60.You know you are a Texan if snow flurries keep you home.You know you are a Texan if you have to remove the candles from the fireplace before ligh...
Lord, Please Don’t Let Me Be Late!A little girl, dressed in her Sunday best, was running,as she was running, she prayed,“Lord, please don’t let me be late!Lord, please don’t let me be late!”She was in a mighty big hurry to classso that as she was runningshe tripped and fellcausing her to tear her...
Thoughtful Thursday When I envision life's path I see a young girl on a trail in the Spring time picking flowers and chasing butterflies. Sometimes she comes across shiny pebbles that can readily be picked up or kicked off to the side. Sometimes boulders are in the way which can not be easily pic...
SOLD! 3003 San Paula AvenueToday is one of those days that I love my job. It is so satifying! Satisfaction comes from bringing about a transaction to close knowing all parties involved are happy with the outcome. A seller who closes on one house and, in the same day, contracts on their house whic...
It seems that the folks in Murphy,Texas have gravitated to the newest sub shop in town. By means of an unofficial pole conducted on my facebook business page, Murphy Texas It’s a Good Life, there are more votes for Firehouse Subs located on FM544 than Subway. I can understand the appeal of the su...

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