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Love of God, Family and Country - these are the focus of Teral's life and here she shares her passions with those who share her same interests. As a native Texan Teral's roots are deep in the soil of Dallas-Collin County where the culture is as diverse as the people. North Central Texas is one of the fastest growing areas in the nation and expected to continue in the coming years.



Plano Home Buyers Tip: No matter what size you may be human nature tells us that bigger is better. And we want it! Let's say the Plano home buyer is qualified for the bigger purchase but is it really right for them or their lifestyle? If they are a first time home buyer or any home buyer for that...
If you go looking for trouble...  you will find it. Ruth 1:2  
Many of the neighborhoods in our local area share similarities in their appearances much like the ones in the picture. The yards are manicured and houses tend to blend into the scenery. Some of the look-alike is a product of the rules of the HOA or the city. For example, for a while the city of M...
Healthcare reform...probably one of the biggest debates going on in our country. President Obama, in his State of the Union address, spoke very little about it. He did say that if anyone had a better idea to make it work he was open to working with them. Thursday, January 27th you can participate...
Ever find yourself in a position that you need to find a past blog by the tag? Well, Fred has written a quality post on how to find your tags now that they have disappeared from the right sidebar. Be sure to bookmark for later reference.       Have you ever gone looking for an ActiveRain Blog tha...
  After getting your offer accepted the next step in the homebuying process is gettting the home inspected. Doing this in a timely manner is critical if you are working within an option period. Should an issue be disclosed you, the homebuyer may want to use that option to not pursue purchasing th...
One day these youngsters will look back fondly at their first ever stage appearance on the city of Murphy Amphitheatre remembering a day when they had that stage all to themselves. It won't be happening again anytime soon though. Especially not after the huge success of last Friday night's perfor...
This is my sister and I - I am the curly headed one. Did I mention younger too? Mom liked to dress us alike; she grew up with brothers so I'm sure we were her dolls. About all I can recall about this picture is that the photographer came to our house. I do have a glimpse of a memory of that proba...

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