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Both my kids have I-Pods.  My daughter Valerie is in her second one and she is the expert.  My son got his first one for Christmas.  (Although at the end He wanted to get the dog and cats Nintendo games. This is two days before Christmas.  Too late, Santa was done with his shopping.) For the coup...
In real estate 101 for new agents one of the most important things they teach is to contact your  sphere of influence (That is friends, relatives and coworkers)  and let them know that now you are a real estate agent.  I know a few agents with great connections where this has worked for, but kno...
I thought this was very thought provoking. What do you think? The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.
The weather in Hampton Roads I think that weather is a little personal.  While I am freezing and wearing two sweaters in my house my husband and daughter are in shorts and tank tops.  My son is the in between person in the house. The local weather today will hit a high of 55 with sun and clouds. ...
I will make this a series of why my husband and I chose this area as our home after he retired from the Navy. •1)      Retiring from the Navy we get the health insurance provided for retirees.  We lived in a few locales where there wasn't a large military population.  What we discovered was that ...
I started working in real estate when my youngest son started the first grade.  I worked part-time his year in kinder garden, as his was a half day school. I see pictures of a lot of people crying because their kid went to school for the first time.  Not me, I was glad to have some time for mysel...
With spring ahead my buyer business is picking up.   Once again, I get phone calls from my buyers to cancel appointments that were made to go look at houses , and get the phone calls that we can go look at houses in a couple hours, as the buyer has for some reason or other extra time. I have a t...
In general, I love my tenants.  They are good people that for different reasons do not neet to buy a house, are here for a short time......or cannot afford to buy a house.   I am of the mentality that In most cases everybody should own their own home, " The American Dream."   In a heavily militar...
 As I continue to research and try to understand Active Rain, I find questions that seem to have no answer. The only search box that I found sent me outside of AR to Google search.  So, I decided to write a comment on one of Todd's blogs. http://activerain.com/blogsview/898822/To-do-a-local-blog-...
Much has been said about pricing your home right.  It is in all of the real estate information, and all of the seminars on how to sell your home.   The news that prices continue to drop are in all the newspapers.  But sellers are not listening.  In all the listing appointments that I have been in...

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