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Will Interest Rates Fall Again?? Mortgage interest rates have gone up like they've been shot out of a cannon recently. Can we expect them to go back down? The answer is probably yes but no where near the lows we have seen recently. And then expect them to start heading back up again. Here are tod...
More On Interest Rates!!! Good News From The Fed?? There's a lot of volatility in the interest rate market. yesterday was a big down day. Today is starting as a big up day. Here are some of the latest comments from Barry Habib on the MBS Highway. Mortgage Bonds are off to a very good start this m...
Interest Rates??? A Hot Topic Been getting a lot of calls recently about mortgage interest rates. Both agents and borrowers want to know what's going on. Well, it looks like interest rates hit there low point around May 2nd of this year. Since then they've been heading on an upward direction. Ove...
Ever Been Bored At The Airport? Here's Something Fun To Do! Do you travel a lot? Spend a lot of time waiting for your flight after getting to the airport early and checking through security? These guys have found a creative way to use some of that down time.     What do you do at the airport to p...
Does Your Money Go Where You Think? The 50 Worst Charities We all get calls and mail from "Charities" requesting donations for what sound like causes that help people and animals. My standard response when I get any call is t tell them I don't accept phone solicitations and hang up. Would it surp...
Farming Water From The Desert Air ? I know that subject line seems impossible but there's a company in France called Eole Water that is doing it.  They've set up wind turbines that use air conditioning technology to suck moisture out of the air.  As if that's not enough, the turbines also generat...
Interesting Places To Go For A Day Trip or A Weekend Summer is upon us and we all like to sneak of of town for a day or a weekend. The question is where to go. I did a little research and found several places with interesting sounding names. To get there you can relax by traveling on some back ro...
Is He Not The Coolest Guy At The Boat Ramp? s this something out of a James Bond movie? Could it be from Mission Impossible? Nope - It's a Boaterhome! The Boatorhome is just what the name implies: a combination motor home cruiser. The Highwave Boatorhome accommodates a family of 4 - 6. You are a...
Mission BBQ Has A Unique Way To Say Thanks To Our Veterans   Mission BBQ got it's start on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 in Glenn Burnie, MD. Owners Bill Kraus and Steve Newton opened Mission BBQ as a way to give back to our men and women in uniform. "The  whole mission of Mission BBQ was an oppor...
Inspirational Friday -"Attitude Is Altitude" Nick Vujicic is a motivational speaker who was born with no arms and no legs. While majoring in accounting and financial planning at a university Nick also developed his abilities as a speaker. He worked with a speaking coach who helped him to cultivat...

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