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I have been working with a borrower for close to 6 months. Well we started out with 100 % financing at a rate of 6.75 with a loan amount of 350'000. Now we are at 8.0 with a loan amount of just under 300.000, to avoid payment shock. They insist on finding their own home without a realtor. I have ...
OK so many loan officers out there have been wrestling with the old adage should i stay or should I go? Lets face it, our phones are not ringing off the hook, and all you hear from the media is blah blah blah Mortgage brokers are the devil...So anyways I am guilty of wondering if this for me. Wit...
Has anyone else caught the deals that the Retail Guys are offering? Of course you have- No Cost Loan... I wonder if they explain to the borrower that the No Cost Loan is actually costing their borrower more! Sure they see less in closing fees. However the interest rate that they sling is always 1...
I closed a loan with a borrower on 08/08/07. I obtained the lead from my live transfer lead sources. Any ways moral of the story-       The borrower was adjusting out of a mortgage that he was placed into back in 2005.He said that he had a lender he was working with, with a scheduled closing date...

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