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Do you have clients who are selling to move in together? I recently wrote about a colleague who, in preparation for married life, is selling "hers",  "his" and buying "theirs". If you 're considering getting married or you and your favorite person are moving in together, this decision is a big on...
Well I've lived in Colorado for almost a full year. What a wonderful place to call home! One of the reasons I moved here is to experience more of the outdoors. Now I'm no snow bunny or even snow angel, but I do like to be outside and the weather here makes it easy.   A favorite activity is biking...
There's always a lot of debate about whether to upgrade your home before selling it or sell as is.Will you make your money back? Will you make money on your upgrade? Will the buyers like your choices?In the past, as a seller, you could get away with giving an allowance for repairs, new carpet, ne...
Yesterday I went to a granite and stone showroom here in Denver with a group of fellow stagers following a RESA meeting.Touring the showroom and  seeing the large slabs of granite up close was fun and informative. Did you know there was a pattern called Wasabi? Here it is. Very dramatic and unusu...
If you're like me you have multiple social media accounts, a website (or two) and email customized to your brand.    What's the one thing that is recognizable across all of our accounts? The one thing that says this is YOU.   Your photo. From Linkedin to Facebook, your photo is the icon and image...
The other week, a colleague and I were talking about how challenging it can be to find a way to repurpose and recycle household items. Once you've outgrown an appliance or a dated electronic, it's time to consider where to put them besides out by the curb.   As a home stager, I run into this ques...
  I'm a professional home stager but I still remember gettting a wee bit offended when I was told I needed to make some changes to my own home by a realtor.   You may not be surprised, but that realtor did not get the listing!   It's rare I run into someone else giving staging advice but those fe...
Spring is a great time to get out and network. This is especially true when your livelihood depends on the real estate market. Isn't  Spring  traditionally the kickstart of the home buying season in most parts of the country?  The past couple of weeks, I've been bouncing around the Denver metro a...
I was chatting with a business acquaintance today. She is planning on getting married soon and will be merging two homes. Hers and her fiance's.  So two potential sales there. And then of course they are shopping for a new "their" home with a little land in Parker CO. When we last spoke several w...
Recently on my Linkedin Home Staging Professional group, professional stagers and I were debating this question. What do you say to a realtor or home seller who says "why stage when it's a hot market"? If homes are flying off the shelf in a matter of days, does it make sense to invest in staging ...

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