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i THINK THAT WHAT I see stimulated are agents!  The ones of us who want to be successful in representing our sellers are being very straight forward with our clients who are considering selling there homes this Spring.  Most agents that I know are always honest, but right now, it is important tha...
  Bail Out....SCHMAIL OUT!.....The more that is reported in the media of all kinds, all parties, etc. the more concerned I hear people becoming.  The economists report that if we did nothing, the recovery might happen before much of the money actually reaches the places it is needed.  There are m...
  Welcome to 2009!  Will it Live up to it's promises?  Will it be more? Will it be less? I don't know about you, but it seems that I am getting constant calls and emails about someone who is offering me the perfect system to get me all the business that I can do in 2009?  I am almost afraid to op...
MARKET GOT YOU THINKING IN A FUNK?  Wow...the news has been news to lose this week!  It got me thinking about the story about the man sitting in a diner and wringing his hands because the news kept saying that the bottom was falling out of the market.  He watched others come in and dine and seem ...
MOVING FORWARD IN FORT WORTH Posted by DiAnne Arnette under For Buyers, For Sellers, Regional News, Fort Worth There is no denying that the national news media play the "bad guy" in promoting negative real estate news over the last 10 months.  We need to remember that real estate is regional, and...
No Kidding! Have you ever noticed that if you leave town for a vacation the phone starts ringing? Agent friends that I know and I always laugh and comment that if your business is a little slow, go on a vacation and things will start popping.  It is mostly true, I think, however, I notice one mo...
  NICE HOME, NICE AREA....YOU PAID WHAT? This is the city:  Fort Worth, Texas....It is a nice evening, I am listing a house for a nice family...I pull out my comparables for the last year which show when the client purchased this home.  The gentleman has a funny look on his face.  That is enough ...
It has probably been 10 years since I have shown a rental.  My normal stance has been that I would send it back to the listing agent because there is not much money in it and I was busy.  However, in this shifting market, I have had more time and have been reaching out to increase my contact with...
I recently agreed to work with an online foreclosure listing service and it opened my eyes to the number of foreclosures in this area.  The good news is that it is still a small percentage by comparison to the hardest hit areas of the country.  The main thing is that we want to get those absorbed...


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