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Hi everyone!Scary though it is for me to do so, I am hosting a Masterclass with Jen Coffel next Tuesday - kindly show us both some love and register if you want to know how to grow your biz through Speaking From Within! Jen's the expert - I'm just the smiling face ;) Please share with everyone yo...
 So, I was scrolling online today and I saw a recommendation for a graphics program called let's be clear, I have a background of using Photoshop, and have also been spending a lot of time lately using Canva.  I don't "need" another graphics program...but there was one thing that ...
Next to the first day of the new year, today has got to be as good a time as any to make a fresh start – set a plan – and see it through! Why is that you ask?  Because today is the first Monday of spring…a time of new beginnings and new growth. A perfect time to think about what you want your bus...
Now this post may or may not apply so much to real estate agent / brokers, most likely not those that are in the "big box" brokerages; however, I think this software provides a lot of value for service I am sharing this here.  If it's not of value to you, maybe you know of someone ...
Hello - thanks for reading :)I am writing an article on real estate - how it's different for Independents - than for those under a corporate umbrella, etc...If you would like to be interviewed and potentially featured in this article, would you please connect / message me on LinkedIn?Interviews w...
So I have this awesome business coach - she specializes in Lead Generation - she is known as The Lead Boss.  She is doing a one of a kind workshop tomorrow, and since lead generation is such a huge part of any sales, but inclusive of real estate sales, I wanted to personally invite you to check i...
I have to share - I am beyond humbled, thankful and blessed to have such an awesome client to go to all of the trouble to make this awesome testimonial video for me! She is a natural in front of the camera anyhow and brilliant in getting her point across - and lucky me - this time she was talking...
Talking with clients this week about systems, and all of the sponsored ads that pop up for every platform under the sun - especially in January every year. Trying to take advantage of everyone's good intentions to get organized, on track and to take their business to the next level in the new yea...

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