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I was driving through Vista, CA early this evening on my way home from Target when I saw this sign:   I was so intrigued that I had to get up closer to read the fine print...because I was seriously considering renting the husband...when alas, I discovered that it was only a handyman service sign....
According to, one of the definitions of the word "etiquette" is:  conventional requirements as to social behavior; proprieties of conduct as established in any class or community or for any occasion. Just this last week, there was a post on commenting etiquette by Nelya Calev, her ...
Being real estate professionals, the word "Ethics" is tossed around continuously.  We're supposed to be ethical, we're supposed to put our clients' interests first...but WHERE do we learn that?  From a class that we're forced to take in order to get our license?  Ummm...I don't think so. I believ...
There was a blog post made today by Michael Thornton called, You've Come A Long Way Baby, which was very cool and showed us the original posts made on Active Rain and how to see who our newest members are, but it also told us that we were close to our 1 millionth post with an approximate 140,000 ...
  I think this is one of the most excellent ideas that I have seen in quite some time!  I just had to share it with you all.  OK - seriously...why don't all agents working with not just relo buyers, but buyers in general do this?  LOL  Have the buyer meet you at the office or somewhere and give t...
That's the name of the article that I'm talking about from today's issue of High Rankings Advisor...Jill Whelan wrote a great article about utilizing Social Media (like Twitter) for business purposes.  Jill made a point about how everything you do should not be about SEO (which is a crazy concept...
This story has been going around the Internet for years, I know I have seen it at least 2 other times...but I am an intuitive person and believe in listening to the universe around you, so when it showed up in my inbox again today from a friend, I had to share the story with you all...I'd like to...
  I was checking out the blogs of some of my own blog subscribers today and I happened across this video that Debra Walsh posted...and it was just too fantastic not too share!       If you have not seen this you must take the time to watch.  This is hilarious!  There are not too many people that ...
Close to 100 people have signed up already, and we'd really like to make this a great turnout so that our Guest Expert can help as many business people as possible, so I wanted to extend one more reminder for you to all go sign up...and I will see you there :-) VACOC Monthly Guest Expert Telesemi...
I'm a contributing author over at, and I put up this article today that I wanted to share with all of you.  Here's an excerpt:   Most business people seem to be struggling out there, what with the economic slowdown, but that’s absolutely no excuse to quit trying to make your busi...

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