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 Hello everyone - happy Tipsy Tuesday! This edition holds a special place in my heart...Memorial Day - so many Americans just think it's another patriotic holiday that grants them a 3 day weekend, without knowing the true meaning behind it.  So let's start there... Memorial Day is a holiday to ho...
Hello everyone - happy Tipsy Tuesday! TIP:  Read this book!  Traction - Get A Grip On Your Business (on Amazon - no affiliate link)This book discusses Entrepreneurial Operating Systems and how to run your business for maximum results.  If you read the reviews, not all out there are big fans...but...
 I started my weekly "Tipsy Tuesday" posts WAY back in 2008, they were fun, people subscribed, so I thought it was time to bring them back.  TIP:  GET MORE FROM LINKED INWhat kind of Linked In subscription do you have?  Freebie? LinkedIn Learning? Premium? Sales Navigator?  Well here's a TIP:  If...
 Preface: My fiancé is addicted to cooking know the ones where contestants have to cook something under timed and crazy circumstances, only to have their food judged very critically at the end? Well, needless to say, we've been together for 2.5 years now and I have watched many of the...
 I am sure there are international members here... not intended to leave you out - just insert your own country's name in when reading - the sentiment holds true! So, my business partner jumps in last night on Facebook and starts a group specifically for small businesses in the area to post their...
 I really meant to post this yesterday for Wordless Wednesday, but the day got away from is too danged cute not to share! #NotFriends 
 So, it's Monday... it's gray outside, cold and dreary...and as I sip my morning coffee, I just keep mulling this thought over in my head:   What can I do better today than I did last Monday? I want to be a great asset to other business owners to help them grow their businesses while growing my V...
 It's finally Friday...the 13th that is!  This particular Friday the 13th happens to fall right before St. Patrick's known for bad luck, one for good...does that mean they balance each other out and it's a wash this year?  Who knows, but with all the depressing news right now, I thought...
I know, it's's been one of those weeks... ;-) 
 It seems like I have been noticing this week that people are hanging out in the wrong clubhouse...  For example, (forgive me Mom) I got a connection request from my mother this morning on LinkedIn.  My mother is a happily retired 76 year old who is currently snowbirding in Arizona, no business o...

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