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I Need Marketing Help - What Can You Do For Me? One of the most frequently asked questions that I get as a Real Estate Virtual Assistant , is how can I help a real estate professional with their marketing efforts?     Here is how I answer that question:   Dear Joe: There are many ways that I can ...
You offer lots of great services, but do I have to use ALL of them? As a Real Estate Virtual Assistant  I often see emails such as the one below come through my potential client inquiry form:   "I went through your website and I’ll be honest, your services appear to be stupendous!!!  It’s everyth...
Are You Hiring? As a Real Estate Virtual Assistant I have built contact forms and encrypted email links into my websites to enable potential clients to contact me quickly and efficiently.  I spent my time and money on that.  I have certain filters set up so that if a message comes in from one of ...
Can You Show Me How to Do "X" Service So That I Can Do It Myself? Seriously...I cannot tell you how many times in my 10+ years as a Real Estate Virtual Assistant that a potential client (not really...there's not usually a lot of potential in these inquiries.) has asked me to teach them how to do ...
Do You Offer A Discount? I have gotten asked this question many times over my 10+ years as a Real Estate Virtual Assistant. Luckily, I have also logged some time as a real estate agent here in North San Diego I have the perfect answer ready...aim....FIRE!!! (you agents will be so prou...
   You Know You're a Soccer Mom When...'s not when you drive a mini van like the one to the left...even  though that is the typical answer. Look at the back door carefully...see that smudge above the body  molding but below the window???   Look closely... Look very closely...   OK - did ...
This Real Estate Virtual Assistant Went to Camp Today! SMM Camp #7 that is!!!  This was a fabulous event, focused on video blogging, put on by Ross Hair, AKA: "The Baldest Man In Real Estate Social Media"! There were several great presenters at this event, and as a Real Estate Virtual Assistant, ...
Real Estate Virtual Assistant Shares Tips/Resource on Blog Optimization For Google Earlier this am, I posted here on Active Rain an article about how a well-known SEO Consultant thought Google was playing favorites to the PPC content and not enough love to quality organic content. Then, as I was ...
SEO Consultant Publishes Article That Says, Google Sucks All the Way to the Bank! I have mentioned Jill Whalen of before.  I have subscribed to her newsletter for quite awhile now...but this morning's newsletter really got my attention! In a nutshell, she is saying that since Goo...
That's right, as a real estate virtual assistant, I always tell my clients to do what they do best and outsource the's just smart business. Celebrate your  own skills and accomplishments (hopefully selling real estate is a biggy), don't wast time doing the mundane stuff that needs to be...

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