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I write about a number of topics, and concerns, whether shared among real estate professionals, or our clients. I have been known to write about food, restaurants, entertainment, politics, religion, the economy, and even humor. It is never dull around me, because I live a full life and very second is made to mean something. Anyone is invited to read and comment, as long as the comments aren't profane, or libelous. Have fun and enjoy the ride!
You're on hold... Wonderful, right? What can I do now that someone is selectively ignoring the important matter I need to discuss? I pull comps, search properties for m buyers, or create posts to my socal media. I have a lot of scial media sites I post to, and not all of them deal with real estat...
In some ways i am asking myself the question, as I sit here in the wee hours again. Social media has tajken hold. It isn't just AR, which I have been remiss in staying up-to-date wtih. It's all of the social media outlets we can be seen on. I haven't even been able to grab my Klout perskedIn, bec...
I negotiate short sales on a daily basis. Now there are documents that buyers, seller and the agents/brokers in a trasnaction will be signing, thanks to the ousted Chriss Dodd, and his lockermate barney Frank. In another move as suspect as Jerry Sandusk's showers, Lenders are now requiring docume...
Economics for the Normal Reader Posted on April 12, 2011 by thatrealtorguyinshorts Zumba and Economics – the Final Workout This is the last article in the series for all of us normal readers. It has been such a fun time looking up the information for these articles, and I hope they have been of v...

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