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For the last seven years or since 2005, there really hasn’t been a ”By Owner” market because of the growing number of homes for sale and the shrinking number of active buyers. However, in the past six months we have seen the active inventory cut in half and the number of buyers at least double. T...
Of all the reasons for not trying something, fear is probably at the top of the list and maybe sometimes, that's a good thing.  For Example, I WILL NOT sky dive because I am scared to death to jump out of a plane and if I go the rest of my life without the adrenaline rush of jumping 10,000 feet t...
We have all heard "everything happens for a reason but all to often when tragedy strikes we are left looking for the reason.  Well, here is a story that starts off horribly but the finish is Disney Like and sure to inspire. In December of 2005 a dolphin was rescued off the coast of The Canaveral ...
Who would of thought 5 years ago when we first started dealing with short sales and foreclosures that not only would they still be a part of our market but the largest part.  For the first time in who knows when (now I know someone if going to respond "I've been a Realtor for 40 years and you sho...
Remember when we were kids and we would argue about just about everything and we would constantly compare what we had to our friends.  It was a constant battle of who had the best house, parents, dog, bike and whatever fits in the sentence "my ________ is better than your ___________."  Well, if ...
First of all I am not bragging but I have read more than 200 books over the past 8 years and by far other than the Bible, the book that has had the most impact on my life is The Travelers Gift by Andy Andrews.  The following is from a small part of that book based on the decision "I am A Person O...
I grew up poor.  My parents had four children in a small 800 sq ft 2 bedroom home with 1 bath for 6 people to share.  To me, you were rich if you had central AC and a car newer than 10 years old that didn't need jump started every time you had to go somewhere.  And yet, I have nothing but fond me...
So tell me something, why are you calling me now that my listing has expired but you never showed it when it was listed?   Have you ever heard that or if you are a home owner have you ever said that or thought it? It's a good question and a fair question. Fair enough, the seller is angry. They ha...
One of my favorite little towns on the West Coast of Florida is Ozona.  It's the  small town atmosphere of a town of 700 homes, one small school and a handful of trendy restaurants that double as gathering spots for the locals that make this town so special.  If you had the opportunity to visit K...
The local newspaper here wrote an editorial recently stating that LeBron James free agent move from the Cleavland Cavaliers to The Miami Heat is "just another example of the lack of employee loyalty"  in today's marketplace.  He referenced that in times past, people were loyal to their employers ...

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