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Come along with us and laugh through life's lessons; spread the healthy muscle-training found in a smile. It is our goal to encourage, inform, inspire, & lift up all those we meet. If we cannot service them, we will find someone who will do a super job for them.
This is really just for those of you who still have a 'land line' connection within your home.As I sit here at my desk area, on my left is a Land line phone.When we changed our phones over to Comcast / Xfiniity [which is very good AND fast] we were unaware that there was [ is ] a Trick to utilizi...
As you know , we are in the final processes of selling our Home here in Macomb Twp, MI; times [ of listing or selling...] time seems to pass times the speed of the entire process can be times the process can feel "stalled"During our ownership[s] of various place...
Today is really an exciting day;A need to move type day [no pun intended];Time to finish Job stopped by rainy weather.You see---it appears that our Home is sold--..saying 'appears' because until you are holding those 'Special Papers' nothing is final in this business.Today I went back to an earli...
Over the years that we have lived here in Michigan--[for Sal = all his time out of the Coast Guard & for me = all but teaching in OH & IL]We have had our share of storms.Storms that run the scale of mild to strong.Last evening and most of the night, to be accurate, our storms combined lightning, ...
One thing about our weather this year is the maddening changes from warm, to cool to really cold for an April date. We have lived long enough in Michigan [actually very long Ha!] to know that spring here is simply a word in conversation.  When that poor creature was lifted out of his winter-sleep...
Interesting phenomenon!   Think that I read 'in the Rain' that only those blogs written during certain hours of the day were awarded points.Couldn't find that info no matter how hard I triedDecided that it really makes no difference....yet.You understand that with this goofy left ankle determinin...
3-13-'13... --on the World stage we saw the election of the new Pope---Francis 1.   watched the news reports    saw his first appearance at the "window"   loved his silent appreciation of the people gathered before him and FOR him.   so impressed by that crowd   very moved by the Pope's actions o...
Here we are almost the 10th day of March.Tonight or rather tomorrow at 2:00 AM 2:00 A.M.---Really!All of you who are affected will be up... ...running around your various domain areas doing the 'yearly' switch /es...trying to get your fingers to actually maneuver various knobs, switches, or dials...
Friday has come and so has the snow which started early this morning. At this time we have had about 2-2.5 ".After all the amounts in the news lately--this is not only manageable, but also is a non-issue. May this be the total result of this storm.  But....don't hold your breath just yet.   The b...
Hopefully we will not be the recipients this time !   Must state that it is cold with a capital C.  but thus far the predicted weather changes have not happened in our area of Michigan.The above fact will make driving in & out of our sub. much easier; This Home is a corner lot with the side stree...

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