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In 2009 to date, about 20% of waterfront sales have been foreclosures, bank owned, or short sale properties. The average sales price of these foreclosed waterfront homes to date in 2009 is just over $570,000, representing a 51% discount over the original sales price.Wow! A half price home! What a...
Have you ever been in the market for a new home, and found one that was almost perfect, but not quite close enough? Perhaps the carpet or flooring wasn't quite what you had in mind. Or the light fixtures just weren't your style. Maybe the dining room was too small, and if you could just remove th...
When in the market for waterfront property, the first rule to know is that all rules are out the window! Literally!Evaluating a house or building lot based on "cost per square foot" or "cost per acre" just doesn't work with waterfront property. Instead, property price is impacted by factors such ...
The Charlotte MLS system has just announced that beginning in late March 2008, square footage on houses will be reported in ranges instead of specific amounts.  On the data sheet for a home, the square footage may read something like "3600-4200″.  This change by the Charlotte multi-listing system...
Around the south, it isn't uncommon to see a home being trucked down the highway with a "wide load" sign.  What is uncommon, but becoming less so in this area, is for that house to carry a price tag of over half a million dollars.So what is it with these new modular homes?  Modular homes are buil...

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