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We hear it on the news day after day, how bad things are. We are being told how the volatility of the stock market will cause our business to fail and how the down turn in the real estate market has caused us to lose for what many in America is our primary investment; our home. As if that weren’t...
  This Blog is dedicated to my fellow Baby Boomers who find themselves in search of balance and a better life.  I know what it’s like to wake up in a hotel room and not remember what town you’re in or when you will be able to sleep in your own bed again.  Leaving the corporate world behind and mo...

Joe Folsom

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It's all about the lifestyle! Most of us Baby Boomer's have spent way too much time at the office, on a plane or out of town. At some point we wake up and realize time is passing us by and we need to find some balance in our lives. Some of us do this by simply spending more time with their family. Others take up flying, sky diving, scuba diving, hunting, fishing and simply enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. If your like me, you do all of this and then some!