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One thing I learned many years ago was that all of us need periodic vacations from real estate. With that said, I am still not good at leaving my deals at home and not answering the phone. I still deal with the issues and many people do not even know I am on vacation. I know this is not the best ...
Here in La Quinta, Ca. we have over 100 days per year when the heat is over 100 degrees. Showing homes is exhausting and heat sickness for agents and client can be a real concern. Here are a few tips to help make the clients and yourself as comfortable as possible. 1. Start early in the day befor...
I hear this often from real estate agents and other business people too. I ask - what are you doing to get clients? Do you have a lead generating system? Do you prospect 1-2 hours daily? Do you ask everyone you see and know who they know that wants to buy, sell, or lease a home? Do you follow up ...
Where ever you go and whatever you do, just ask for a discount. My son reminded me yesterday that years ago at a real estate coaching seminar we were advised to ask for a discount wherever we were. Guess what - in many cases it works! Here are some places where asking for a discount has a good ch...
It is now 110 degrees here in La Quinta, California. The streets are empty. We still have many people buying houses as they think they get a better deal when it is hot. Actually the sellers don't care how hot it is as most of them are not even here.  Over half of the real estate agents leave in t...
I live in La Quinta, California, part of the Caifornia desert area where the summers are off the charts hot. I live here and work here year round. Summers are busy for me as over half the agents leave for the summer. Many people think that if they come here when it is over 110 degrees, they get a...
You find the buyers their perfect house and they do not buy it. They say they want to 'think about it." It is now 1 week later and you have called them and left a message to call you to get an update, emailed them, and texted them with no response. What would you do? 1. Let it go and find another...
After Monday being a holiday this is Tuesday but like a double Monday. There are so many calls, so much paperwork, escrow companies are overloaded. Everyone has a real estate emrgency that needs to be handled now. I know by tomorrow or Wednesday it will calm down and all work out, but for now I f...
Many years ago I had a friend who had many tips for destressing. He taught me to close my eyes and see what color I saw. Here are the order of colors. Black Red Green Yellow Blue White   Whatever color you see when you close your eyes, look at it and relax. The more you relax, the more a lower le...
A good deal is when the seller thinks they sold too low and the buyer thinks they paid too much and the deal closes. A home that sells under the comparable sales is a good deal. A home that fits exactly what the buyer is looking for and needs no work to make it their perfect home and the price is...

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