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Median gross income was $50,400 ( from $48,200 in 2012) 55% are affiliated with an independent brokerage The typical realtor is 58 years old up from 55 years old in 2012 53% are women 76% said real estate is their only profession 79% own their primary residence The typical realtor had 12 transact...
You have a renter that keeps making excuses about why he is not paying and each day how he is going to pay you and then more excuses: grandmother's death, getting a tooth pulled, hold on check from the VA at the bankl and on and on. What would you do? 1. Post a 3 day notice and begin eviction 2. ...
You are referred a client by a life long friend. The client is her sister. You show the sister 5 houses. she is unrealistic on what she wants for the price she can afford. She is demanding and rude. What do you do? 1. Tell her sister 2. Tell her she needs to find another agent that you are not th...
One of the agents on your team is gone for 17 days. 3 of her clients get offers on their properties. What would you do? 1. As a team member, I would get an agency disclosure signed and move forward to to everything possible to get the deal done for my team member who is gone 2. Tell them they hav...
You get an offer on a listing the 2nd day it is on the market. The home is listed for $629,000 and the offer is $559,000. You get the seller to counter offer at $620,000 and the buyer does another counter offer at $579,000. The seller will not come down anymore even $5000. What would you do? 1. S...
You have a client who is short about $5000 in reserves to close a loan. They have no family or firends who will loan them the money to close escrow. Wat would you do? 1. Loan them the money - ( Not legal in California for a real estate agent) 2. Find someone to loan them the money 3. Tell them to...
Your buyer is ready to close escrow on a short sale and the out of area listing agent calls you and says the buyer is taking the stove and the blinds even though the contract says they are to stay with the home. What would you do? 1. Send over a copy of the contract to the listing agent and broke...
You go to get the listing papers signed after the client tells you they are ready to list at $1,100,000. After you arrive with the listing papers, the clients say they want to list at $1,175,000. What would you do?   1. Show them the comps again for $1,000,000 and tell them to get close to $1,000...
You have the buyer on a short sale and the listing agents seems to be doing nothing. It has been 4 months and still nothing from the bank. 1. Call the agent's broker. 2. Call the bank direct. 3. Go knock on the door and talk to the seller. 4. Be quiet and wait it out. 5. Help your buyer finad ano...
You sell a home with a home warranty. Two days after the buyer moves in the refrigerator goes out. It is covered per home warranty contract. The home warranty company will not pay as you have to live there at least 2 weeks before filing a claim. They call you for help. What would you do? 1. Call ...

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