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Your title and escrow company have helped you alot on a listing you have as the husband has recently died. You get an offer on the property and the agent will not counter offer unless you use their services. What do you do? 1. Use their services 2. Explain that the title and escrow is non-negotia...
You enter a home and can tell it has a musty moldy smell. The clients are looking around and love the house. 1. You say nothing and let them enjoy the house 2. You look around without saying anything to see if you can find any evidence of current or prior leaks 3. You tell the clients you smell a...
You are called to speak to a seller who has their home listed with another agent. You and the seller have a mutual friend who has referred you to speak with the mutual friend. You want to help but also want to be ethical to the agent and broker who has the home listed. What would you do? 1. Tell ...
You are called to list a home that the seller says is a 4 bedroom home. 2 of the bedrooms do not have doors or closets. The owner has installed wardrobes in the bedrooms that she counts as closets. She wants you to list the home on the MLS as a 4 bedroom home. What would you do? 1. Do as she says...
The home you have had listed for 3 months has not had a showing for over 2 weeks. You have spoken with the seller numberous times about lowering the price. You have presented comparable sales showing the home needs to be lowered at least $20,000 to even meet appraisal if it did get an offer. You ...
A client books a showing on a rental property for 10 am. You confirmed yesterday that they are coming. You arrive at 9:45 am and set up the house. You wait until 10:15 and they have not shown up. what would you do? 1. Call and text them to see if they are coming. 2. You wait another 30 minuts. 3....
You have a listing where the home has severe vandalism. You advertise it as severely damaged and list the quotes to repair. You get over 10 offers on the home by the best and final offer deadline. 3 of the offers are your clients. The highest offer which is a few thousand dollars more than your c...
I am going to start blogging at least times a week on the blog title - what would ou do? Each day in real estate and in our real lives too, we run into situations that either we do not know what to do or we are put in situations to treat people fair and square and make less money. I will share my...
I moved to California in 1989 and there was a severe drought. I had lived n Iowa on the Mississippi River where we watered our lawns all night long and the farmers had plenty of water. Between the frequesnt rains, snow, and the mighty Mississippi, I had no clue how to conserve water. I learned fa...
I see on Facebook many days that people are looking for the best place to live. I live in the best place- La Quinta, California. We have sun over 350 days a year. It is a small town so the people are friendly and nice. It is safe. There are incredible mountain views and the because the valley is ...

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