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I have a listing that has been extremely vandalized and is a short sale. The estimates to repair the property are over $50,000. I am taking offers until Wednesday at 4 pm. I have over 18 offers. I did a one hour open house yesterday and had over 100 people show up. They all thought they would get...
I have a short sale that was in escrow for $180,000. While in escrow the house was burglarized and severely damaged. estimates by contractors are over $50,000 to repair this home. I am taking offers util Wednesday at 5 pm to prove to the bank I am getting the highest offer possible. So far I have...
As a real estate agent and broker, we are always looking for ways to keep those clients flowing. each of us has his or her own special way to this. The good news is that pretty much whatever you do to attract business will work as long as you do it consistently and with a good professional presen...
At the end of each day make a list of whatyou have accomplished and make a 'to do' list for the next day. Block out periods of time where you can work and not be interrupted. Take a break each hour or so to talk, breathe, relax, eat. Keep up to date with paperwork. Don't let it accumlate or it ca...
The customer experience is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful and what produces referrals and goodwill for months and years to come. Have a well-maintained and attractive office. Make the guests feel important. Listen to the customer and keep your attention on them. Be available ...
This week I went to visit my parents in Mesa,Arizona. I went to view some open houses as here in La Quinta, California we have many people who decide between moving here and the Phoenix area in Arizona. Gold Canyon is a very nice area like La Quinta on the fringe of the Phoenix metroplex area. Th...
I have done over 400 short sales in the past several years. I am very happy there are not many short sales in my area any longer. Nonetheless, I just got approval on a short sale I started to process on September 5, 2013. Now it is 5 months later and the buyer gets the home. I have learned over t...
My long time friend and mentor Bernie Gartland is a tax specialist. He is the former attorney general for Delaware and tax attorney in California for many years. If you have state tax or federal tax issues, Bernie can help you. He is honest and straight forward. He also is a bankruptcy specialist...
It used to be that Super Bowl Sunday bgan about 2 hours before the game began. Now it is like a national holiday. It  starts all day long. The streets are empty except for the bars, restaurants, and grocery stores. I tis about the food, drinking, and parties. Many years ago my husband and I quit ...
I am manifesting "lots of money flowing in from multiple sources on a continuous basis in increasing quantities." I do this in the morning before I get out of bed. I hold my arms up and open and call money to me. Then I proceed through my day with inspired action. I have done this in the past and...

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